Egypt hotels teeter in October, November expected to be worse

25.11.2015, 16:56 by Staff, Dubai

A recovery in Egypt’s hotels and hospitality…

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SMEs offer no succor to GCC’s female jobseekers

24.11.2015, 17:36 by Staff, Dubai

Two critical pillars to solving the GCC…

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Middle East job market loses pace

22.11.2015, 14:49 by Staff, Dubai

The Monster Employment Index (MEI), a monthly…

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Advisory: ‘GCC must invest more in FinTech’

15.11.2015, 13:28

More investment in financial technology is required…

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Why simple brands win

12.11.2015, 12:35

The greatest brands make life simple. Think…

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Unveiled: The habits of Middle Eastern private jet owners

8.11.2015, 18:37

An international lifestyle and a global reach…

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6 percent dip in job availability in the UAE

5.11.2015, 16:22 by Staff, Dubai

The third quarter of 2015 saw a…

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UAE number one emerging market destination for career advancement

26.10.2015, 9:00 by Staff, Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been…

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MENA average household wealth declines, but millionaire numbers grow

20.10.2015, 15:07 by Staff, Dubai

Household wealth in the MENA region declined…

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Apple is UAE’s most ‘intimate’ brand

11.10.2015, 17:15 by Staff, Dubai

A new study – the MBLM Brand Intimacy…

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Volkswagen suffers brand damage in Saudi Arabia

7.10.2015, 16:23 by Staff, Dubai

The fuel emission scandal that’s engulfed Volkswagen…

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Dubai is the second-best city in the world for expat entrepreneurs

29.09.2015, 14:56 by Staff, Dubai

Survey ranked the UAE as among the…

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UAE, Qatar & Saudi in top 50 global innovators list

20.09.2015, 15:34 by Staff, Dubai

The UAE has ranked 47th out of 114…

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$367bn of GDP at risk in the Middle East

6.09.2015, 12:40 by Staff, Dubai

Sixteen of the Middle East’s largest economic…

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MENA mobile data traffic to grow 14 percent, subscriptions 6 percent by 2020

2.09.2015, 12:43 by Staff, Dubai

Mobile data traffic will grow 14 times…

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Oil volatility fuels property sector decline in UAE

1.09.2015, 17:16 by Staff, Dubai

With a 54% decline in the price…

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Downtime in retail costs millions

11.08.2015, 12:13 by Gregg Petersen, Regional Director, Middle East and SAARC

‘Always On, Always Available’ is the Key…

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Oil price puts speed bump on UAE hiring

3.08.2015, 16:30 by Staff, Dubai

Low oil prices have begun taking a…

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Turkey’s $350bn infrastructure opportunity

25.06.2015, 12:12 by Staff, Dubai

Turkey’s booming economy has thrown up $350…

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