Responding to the Middle East’s refugee crisis

19.05.2015, 17:15 by Staff, Dubai

The Middle East faces the prospect of…

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Assessing MENA human capital

18.05.2015, 14:35 by Staff, Dubai

Only 3 countries from the MENA region…

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UAE wastes AED 13 billion worth of food

13.05.2015, 16:56 by Staff, Dubai

People in the UAE waste an estimated…

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ISIS, unemployment are biggest concerns for Arab youth

21.04.2015, 17:12 by Staff, Dubai

Nearly 40 percent of Arab youth in…

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The future for labor is self-employment

9.04.2015, 16:38 by Sami Mahroum & Elif Bascavusoglu-Moreau

The technological revolution won’t phase the human…

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Interview: The inventor of the #hashtag

19.03.2015, 12:31 by Bassema Demashkia, Dubai

Ever wondered who created the hashtag? TRENDS…

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Middle East cities rank low on sustainability index

9.02.2015, 17:25 by Staff, Dubai

Across the world, cities are failing to…

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Abu Dhabi ranked Middle East’s safest city

29.01.2015, 11:58 by Staff, Dubai

Abu Dhabi is the safest city in…

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Middle East needs whistleblower protection laws

22.01.2015, 17:31 by Staff, Dubai

As instances of fraud increase across the…

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How we’ll really feel if robots take our jobs

20.01.2015, 17:02 by Gretchen Gavett

Visitors staying at Starwood’s Aloft Hotel in…

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Women’s wearable tech: Still pretty & dumb

30.12.2014, 14:02 by Molly Wood, New York

Tech companies are looking for ways to…

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Mideast claims most journalists’ lives in 2014

29.12.2014, 18:31 by Staff, Dubai

2014 was a dreadful year for journalists,…

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Media council studies ‘Digital Drugs’

4.12.2014, 13:41 by Staff, Dubai

The National Media Council of the UAE…

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Women’s chances of promotion? Depends on the country

3.12.2014, 13:50 by Anita Raghavan, New York

A woman in Scandinavia, Canada and even…

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Empowering Saudi women

6.11.2014, 18:21 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

Glowork, an organization working for women empowerment…

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GCC to spend $90bn on education infrastructure

6.10.2014, 15:28 by Staff, Dubai

GCC governments will spend more than $90…

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Taking a selfie? Your phone should protect you

7.09.2014, 15:39 by Farhad Manjoo

What should smartphone makers do about nude…

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Should employers ban email after work?

11.08.2014, 17:43 by Jim Harter

Like many of you, I often work…

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Woes of Facebook Messenger: Mistrust and Controversies

11.08.2014, 15:30 by Molly Wood

The great Facebook Messenger migration is upon…

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