Power balance

14.03.2017, 14:20 by Alkesh Sharma

Q: In the wake of the burning…

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GCC needs to adopt green energy for safe future

16.02.2017, 17:47 by Alkesh Sharma

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) occupies one…

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Smart cities grab limelight at MEE 2017

15.02.2017, 12:28

Around the world, hydrocarbon resources are dwindling…

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UAE opens new chapter of electric vehicles

13.02.2017, 16:23

The UAE is making strong strides in…

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Going Green

13.02.2017, 14:48 by Mujeeb Rahman

In an exclusive interview with TRENDS, Julian Critchlow, Partner,…

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OPEC deal: oil price may not be affected in long run

12.02.2017, 14:16

It was a historic event when members…

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Efficient spectrum allocation plans in MENA take center-stage

30.01.2017, 13:51

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the…

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Landmark upgrade for Bahrain’s power grid with Siemens technology

3.01.2017, 16:07

Siemens has been awarded a landmark contract…

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Siemens awarded triple substation deal by Nakheel for Dubai’s Deira Islands development

19.12.2016, 16:40

Siemens has been awarded a contract by…

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Driving the digital wave

5.12.2016, 20:04 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

A look at Dubai’s road network reveals color-coded…

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