Ooredoo’s new IVR system: mobile and landline payments, top-ups, recharge made easy

19.03.2017, 17:43 by Staff

• IVR offers convenient way to keep…

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Leveraging global media in the age of big data

7.03.2017, 14:20 by Jeremy Shayler

Around the world, there are hundreds of…

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Combining heat and power solutions to ensure fuel efficiency

28.02.2017, 15:57

In terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness, reliability…

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IDC study: 45% of global firms to get digital-ready networks

28.02.2017, 12:07

Today, businesses demand a lot from their…

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The shape of things to come for the manufacturing industry

23.02.2017, 10:18

The factory of tomorrow will be faster,…

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CIOs get ready for MidEast Summit

22.02.2017, 11:49

The Middle East is making sturdy strides…

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Sharing the Benefits

22.02.2017, 10:32 by Eduardo Rodriguez-Montemayor

An unconditional, universal “citizen’s income” could ensure…

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Tech that: The Middle East’s Cyber Boom

21.02.2017, 12:11

Gary Dugan, chief investment officer – Wealth…

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Email security requires deeper attention

20.02.2017, 14:51

Cybersecurity is on the top of the…

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Sometimes it’s Best to Avoid “Cupid’s” Arrow

12.02.2017, 13:24 by Alastair Paterson

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and the…

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