Reviving Saharan tourism

19.10.2016, 0:06 by Massinissa Benlakehal, Algiers

Algeria is trying to give the Saharan…

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Turkey: tourism in turmoil

22.08.2016, 17:21 by Bill Sellars, Ankara

Battered by a rise in terrorist activity…

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It’s business as usual for the Middle East as Britain leaves EU

26.06.2016, 14:47 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

Right now, there are mixed reactions on…

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M Ilker Ayci, chairman of the board of Turkish Airlines, on the company’s success

7.06.2016, 10:38 by Shafquat Ali, Dubai

What brought Turkish Airlines back into the…

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Middle East’s travel catering industry growth beat global averages

6.03.2016, 17:01 by Staff, Dubai

The Middle East region commands a big…

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Bahrain expects tourism to contribute $1bn to economy by 2020

28.02.2016, 22:55

With a steady increase in the number…

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Egypt hotels teeter in October, November expected to be worse

25.11.2015, 16:56 by Staff, Dubai

A recovery in Egypt’s hotels and hospitality…

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75%+ would pay more for halal holidays

20.10.2015, 14:30 by Staff, Dubai

UAE is the number one halal holiday…

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GCC hoteliers first in line for Iran

8.09.2015, 15:22 by Hind Mustafa, Dubai

A Dubai-based hotel management group says it…

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Evolution of travelers in digital age

6.09.2015, 16:31 by Alice Kearney

The summer holiday season is now over,…

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