What makes Monsieur de CHANEL tick

20.09.2016, 13:21

For its first men’s timepiece, CHANEL created…

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VIDEO – Understanding The Fourth Industrial Revolution

9.06.2016, 12:33 by Staff, Dubai

Mobile supercomputing; intelligent robots; self-driving cars; neuro-technological…

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VIDEO – In Conversation: Florian Haslauer Partner, Europe & MEA – A.T. Kearney

19.01.2016, 12:12 by Staff, Dubai

At the Bad Ragaz 2015 conference, Florian…

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VIDEO – In Conversation: Xavier Mesnard, Partner, AT Kearney

6.01.2016, 10:09 by Staff, Dubai

Xavier Mesnard, Partner at A.T. Kearney speaks…

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VIDEO: In Conversation: Siavash Mahdavi, Tech Entrepreneur

6.01.2016, 9:51 by Staff, Dubai

Manufacturing is undergoing drastic shifts where it…

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VIDEO: Bad Ragaz 2015 – Overview

15.12.2015, 10:40 by Staff, Dubai

Paul Laudicina, Partner and Chairman Emeritus, A.T….

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VIDEO – In conversation: Nani Falco Becalli, Former CEO, GE Europe

29.11.2015, 11:15 by Staff, Dubai

Ahead of the Paris talks, Nani Falco…

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VIDEO – In conversation: Natalie Jaresko, Ukrainian Minister of Finance

26.11.2015, 13:19 by Staff, Dubai

Paul Laudicina, Partner and Chairman Emeritus, A.T….

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VIDEO: Middle East overseas residency & citizenship planning trends

23.11.2015, 11:41 by Staff, Dubai

Security and education are key factors why…

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VIDEO: Bad Ragaz Group – The future of Europe

19.11.2015, 15:38 by Staff, Dubai

As Europe emerges out of a prolonged…

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VIDEO: Expect budget cuts by individual emirates – Standard Chartered

1.11.2015, 17:15 by Staff, Dubai

UAE’s cabinet approved a zero deficit draft…

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VIDEO: Tech trends for 2016 & beyond with Microsoft

25.10.2015, 12:32 by Staff, Dubai

At GITEX Dubai, Michael Mansour, Head of…

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VIDEO Review: iPhone 6s

20.10.2015, 14:50 by Staff, Dubai

Kippreport, a TRENDS sister website explores the…

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VIDEO: Building a 787-9 Dreamliner for British Airways in 4 minutes

8.10.2015, 15:08 by Staff, Dubai

Here’s a time-lapse video that shows you…

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VIDEO: Mercedes – Dealer strategies to deal with lower footfalls

22.09.2015, 13:12 by Staff, Dubai

Wassim Derbi, Marketing Manager of Gargesh Enterprises,…

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VIDEO: UAE Real Estate Sentiment Survey: YouGov

17.09.2015, 10:40 by Staff, Dubai

Lara Al Barazi, Head of Real Estate…

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5 challenges to realizing the ‘affordable’ home dream

9.09.2015, 10:12 by Staff, Dubai

Affordable housing has become a buzzword of…

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Dubai realty market to recover in 2017

8.09.2015, 9:54 by Nikhil Inamdar, Dubai

Dubai’s real estate market is witnessing a…

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VIDEO: Choosing an ambassador for your brand – 3 thumb rules

3.09.2015, 9:30 by Staff, Dubai

Khaled Zaatarah, Brand Operations Leader – MEA …

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