“We are making investment in self-reliant industries”: Fahd Al-Rasheed Executive Director of King Abdullah Economic City, KSA

28.03.2017, 8:00 by Ranvir Nayar

KSA can switch to an economy that…

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“We want to make our stakeholders richer, not Boeing or Airbus”: Jazeera Airways Chairman Marwan Boodai

27.03.2017, 8:00 by Ranvir Nayar

• Economies globally are not at their…

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“Digital economy is opening unconventional business avenues”: STC Group CEO Dr Khaled Hussain Biyari

26.03.2017, 8:51 by Ranvir Nayar

• 2017 will be challenging but, at…

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“We are optimistic about the future”: Palestine Economy Minister Abeer Odeh

23.03.2017, 8:00 by Osama Al Ranna

• 2017 will be a little difficult…

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“All set to become a hub in Indian Ocean”: Sri Lanka PM Ranil Wickremesinghe

22.03.2017, 8:30 by Ranvir Nayar

• Three main harbors to be developed…

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“ADB and BRICS Bank complement each other”: ADB President Takehiko Nakao

21.03.2017, 8:05 by Ranvir Nayar

• ADB is backed by good policies…

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“Nothing could go wrong in 2017”: DHL Express CEO Ken Allen

20.03.2017, 12:06 by Ranvir Nayar

• Strong growth of the e-commerce industry…

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Exclusive interview: OECD secretary general Angel Gurría

16.03.2017, 15:25 by Ranvir Nayar

Q: At WEF, you are representing one…

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WEF Davos recap: Focus on responsible leadership

16.03.2017, 11:32 by Staff

Recently held against the backdrop of two…

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A disrupted society

15.03.2017, 10:41 by Osama Al Ranna

Q: You have invested in some very…

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Thought for food

14.03.2017, 10:14 by Osama Al Rana

Q: The region’s agriculture sector is already…

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No cause for worry

13.03.2017, 9:49 by Ranvir Nayar

Q: Looking at the fact that Indonesia…

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Common destiny

12.03.2017, 13:16 by Osama Al Ranna

Q: The Saudi Vision 2030 has been…

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Welcome to Dubai

12.03.2017, 9:52 by Ranvir Nayar

Q: Economy-wise, the year 2016 saw many…

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Change. Digitization. Disruption.

27.11.2016, 22:57 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, in one word,…

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The world’s most innovative countries in 2016

27.11.2016, 22:52 by Bruno Lanvin, Dubai

The Human Brain Project (HBP), a global,…

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Banking on technology

27.11.2016, 22:17 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

From ledger-based manual entry through the bank…

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating a new global system

27.11.2016, 22:03 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

When a political or social revolution takes…

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US moving away from Saudi, says Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group

27.06.2016, 16:04 by Atique Naqvi, Davos

How do you see the GCC region’s…

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