3 UAE firms in 2015 Global Growth Companies’ List

8.09.2015, 17:24 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

One Qatari firm and three UAE companies…

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Income inequality is a global political challenge: WEF

8.09.2015, 16:48 by Staff, Dubai

Though countries around the world are working…

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Video: Road ahead for oil prices

26.07.2015, 12:42 by Staff, Dubai

Majid Jafar, the chief executive of Crescent…

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VIDEO: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on Middle East Conflict

10.06.2015, 11:33 by Staff, Dubai

The geopolitical crises in the Middle East…

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VIDEO: Standard Chartered Bank on the challenges & opportunities for UAE

31.05.2015, 10:18 by Staff, Dubai

V. Shankar, Chief Executive Officer of Middle…

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VIDEO: Using technology to enhance humanitarian response in Syria

28.05.2015, 18:39 by Staff, Dubai

Mark Schnellbaecher, Regional Director – Syrian Crisis…

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Are Middle East conflicts a result of strategic competition?

28.05.2015, 10:08 by Atique Naqvi, Amman

The geopolitical disorder across the Middle East…

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ICT helps create jobs for Arab youth

27.05.2015, 14:21 by Atique Naqvi, Amman

Technology will be a game changer in…

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‘Marshall Plan’ for Syrian refugees

26.05.2015, 16:29 by Staff, Dead Sea, Jordan

With millions of refugees fleeing Syria for…

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Politics takes center stage on day 1 of WEF in Jordan

22.05.2015, 19:26 by Staff, Dead Sea

H.M. King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein…

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MENA World Economic Forum in Jordan this weekend

20.05.2015, 16:36 by Staff, Dubai

The World Economic Forum’s Middle East and…

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Responding to the Middle East’s refugee crisis

19.05.2015, 17:15 by Staff, Dubai

The Middle East faces the prospect of…

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Assessing MENA human capital

18.05.2015, 14:35 by Staff, Dubai

Only 3 countries from the MENA region…

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UAE is region’s most competitive country for travel and tourism

13.05.2015, 17:10 by Staff, Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the…

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Arab youth unemployment in focus at Davos

26.01.2015, 12:23 by Staff, Dubai

High joblessness among Arab youth was a…

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Why 99% of networking is a waste of time

25.01.2015, 15:50 by Greg Mckeown

Building the right relationships – networking –…

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Davos mourns King Abdullah

23.01.2015, 17:23 by Atique Naqvi and Yasser Al Amir, Davos

Politicians and business leaders attending 2015 Annual…

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Video: Boost for renewable energy

27.11.2014, 17:35 by Staff, Dubai

The cost of implementing renewable energy solutions…

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Video: European concerns

27.11.2014, 17:21 by Staff, Dubai

Former president of the European Commission ‪José…

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