Etisalat launches Business in a Box, the all-in-one Solution for SMBs


  • Innovative offering that empowers SMBs in the digital age
  • Business-grade solution that enables business efficiency and reduces cost
  • Offering SMBs all the benefits in one platform


Etisalat’s unique all-in-one ‘Business in a Box’ solution enables Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to focus on their core business by helping them innovate, diversify, cut costs and create tools that are right for the business.

Today SMBs are disrupting entire industries by introducing new business models or transforming their own. These businesses are raising the bar on customer experience by reinventing product and service delivery. According to ‘The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) study, 71 percent of IT leaders from small and midsize businesses rank digital initiatives highest or relatively high in priority.

Efficiency is the key

In this scenario, SMBs are doing their best by focusing on the core business as well as controlling inflationary costs by looking for business solutions that help them manage their business operations efficiently.

Etisalat’s Business in a Box addresses the needs of this new mindset by offering a one-stop all-on-one solution that helps offices and employees manage their technology, devices and applications.

With 24×7 ICT and technical support as well as online supporting tools, SMBs are able to focus on their core business and diversify their customer base.

Offering matchless services

Business in a Box from Etisalat starts at AED 955per month and provides high-speed Internet with speeds up to 100 mbps, advanced IP phones and features, firewall and access control, office applications, business devices at zero upfront cost, and more.

John Lincoln, Senior Vice President, Small and Medium Business at Etisalat, said: “Today it’s significant for SMBs to adapt business tools to expand their opportunities within the economy to grow and innovate. Technology enables better connectivity, engagement and understanding of customers. Applying new technologies can help SMBs improve business outcomes and become more agile in the digital economy.”

“Etisalat’s Business in a Box will help SMBs bridge this gap by giving them the right tools to run their business efficiently and transition into the digital era. We are confident that this business-grade solution will give them the convenience, value for money, flexibility in managing their finances, scalability and add value to their customer experience. Finally, the box that ticks all the boxes for SMBs,” stated Lincoln.

Etisalat’s Business in a Box provides small and medium businesses all the benefits in one platform that includes high-speed Internet, advanced telephony, office applications, business devices and end-to-end security.