Future of transportation

Future of transportation is coming into full view as autonomous driving technologies hit the road. It’s an exciting new chapter in the history of transportation. But it also presents many questions about what needs to also happen in terms of fostering trust among customers and motivating them to adopt new technology.

However, industry experts emphasized upon the importance of nurturing a strong consumer trust.

“Consumer trust is going to be unusually important here. It’s not like other technologies that have come before — or where if you had a weird smartphone or an early computer and it didn’t go right for you, nobody died. This is a different market where the payload, if you will, the risks, are extremely high,” said CNET Editor at large, Brian Cooley, who is a long-time technology expert as well as a veteran auto reviewer.

“Everyone understands that and as a result every consumer feels that little pang when they think about a car driving itself. Who might get hurt if that happens? That’s, first in their minds. Right after that, they start thinking about costs and whether or not the value is there,” added Cooley.

However, a big debate is also going on in the corridors of automotives and technology giants about the trust factor. Cooley said that there are many other technology avenues that can help teach the automotive category how to go through this new territory.

“Take a look at smartphones and take a look at wearables. Those are two areas now where we are really trying to raise the stakes of technology. To have your home and yourself recorded, monitored, gathered and made available to services that want to help you out. That’s exposing yourself; that’s some degree of risk; that’s some degree of inviting technology into what used to be an analogue safe zone where you pushed all the buttons yourself. I’m sure there are lessons to learn. Consumers are being asked to embrace a lot that involves trust right now,” he pointed out.