Oman looks to entice investors at Dhahran Expo to its fishing industry

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FDO seeks to explore and invest in local and international markets.
  • The Omani delegation to the event will showcase investment prospect in the country in areas such as aquaculture, commercial fishing, management of fishing posts
  • FDO was set up to develop the fisheries industry in the country by investing in profitable projects that could highlight its economic value to investor

Muscat, Oman— Looking to entice investors to the country’s fisheries sector, Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) is taking part in Saudi International Marine Exhibition and Conference (SIMEC) event, Aquafish Second Edition, with a plan to highlight Oman’s flourishing fishing industry and lucrative investment opportunities it offers.

The event, taking place from June 4 to June 6 at the Dhahran Expo in Saudi Arabia, will provide a forum for FDO to highlight Oman’s flourishing fishing industry, innovative capabilities, and lucrative investment opportunities.

The FDO delegation’s goal is to boost Oman’s growing fisheries sector and highlight the profitable investment prospects it offers. This includes focusing on various areas such as Aquaculture, Commercial Fishing, Management of Fishing Posts, and the provision of value-added products and services.

FDO’s advanced technological capabilities in seafood processing have established the organization as a regional leader, offering Oman a competitive advantage and exceptional prospects for international companies seeking to tap into the thriving seafood market in the GCC region.

A senior spokesperson from FDO expressed his pride in FDO’s sponsorship of SIMEC, stating, “Fisheries Development Oman is privileged to be a platinum sponsor of SIMEC, a gathering that unites all marine fisheries and aquaculture sectors in one location.

This event presents unparalleled networking opportunities with critical stakeholders and decision-makers.”

The spokesperson further emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “It offers an excellent platform for importers and exporters of live, refrigerated, and frozen seafood products to engage in fruitful trade discussions and establish valuable business agreements. We anticipate a positive and impactful participation that will demonstrate Oman’s vast investment potential.”

Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), OIA’s investment arm in the fisheries sector, was established with a view to developing this key sector in the Sultanate by investing in profitable projects that could highlight its economic value to investors.

FDO seeks to explore and invest in local and international opportunities and demonstrate the sector’s profitability and sustainability at a global scale, utilizing the Sultanate’s competitiveness in global markets.

Sustainability holds a crucial position in the business strategy of Fisheries Development Oman. The company strongly emphasizes the responsible use of renewable resources such as biomass and small pelagic to ensure the long-term sustainability of the fishing industry.

FDO remains dedicated to driving economic development while preserving the environment, in line with its commitment to the community and shareholders.