UAE tops globe on smart phone ownership

Social media trends in the UAE

UAE consumers own more Smartphones compared with the rest of the world, with adults nationwide owning at least four devices each.

This is according to a recent study by market research agency Connected Life by TNS.

The study also reveals that UAE residents are communicating across social media channels up to five hours a day and are quick to follow trends.  The Emirates ranks ahead of many ‘mature’ markets, particularly when it comes to device-driven services.

“UAE consumers are very open to using mobile devices to support lifestyle. Examples include the monitoring of personal data like exercise, connecting the car or home to other devices or the internet, using a 3D printer, and even using wearable technology, such as a Smart watch. This trend provides nimble marketers with a great opportunity for targeted communications,” said Stephen Hillebrand, CEO for the Middle East at TNS.

However, he warned that users work across multiple channels and are fast to adopt more advanced devices, making the targeting opportunity a complex task.

The study goes on to show that while Facebook and YouTube are top contenders, WhatsApp is emerging as the favored communication platform in the UAE.

Another trend, ‘screen-stacking’ – the use of multiple digital devices at the same time – seems to be growing steadily in the country as well.

“Advertisers must continue to adapt to our changing viewing habits. Online devices are offering more ways to access TV and video content, meaning that brands will need to adopt a more integrated marketing online approach in order to engage consumers,” Hillebrand concluded.

The study tracked more than 55,000 Internet users across 50 countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.