50 Years of Mercedes-AMG brand values

Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and passion for dynamic, emotive products, Mercedes-AMG stands worldwide for outstanding engine expertise and development. Its brand pledge of ‘driving performance’ illustrates the passion and inner drive of all employees to question the status quo, push the boundaries of what is possible and to facilitate intensive driving experiences for the customer with dynamic performance cars.

Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG complement one another perfectly: AMG benefits from the classic Mercedes values such as safety and comfort, and Mercedes gains more sportiness from AMG. With the widely extended product portfolio, Mercedes-AMG is happy to face the competition from the performance brands of major automotive manufacturers and from the classic sports car brands alike.

Striving for top performance

The brand pledge of Driving Performance embodies much more than the pure power of the vehicles. It also describes the inner drive always to strive for peak performances, which makes the employees in Affalterbach inextricably linked with the customers all over the world.

The will to go the extra mile and explore the limits at any cost exemplifies this. That was already the case in 1971, when the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG achieved its unimaginable victory at the 24-hour race in Spa-Francorchamps.

And that is still true today, as evidenced by models with full-blooded motorsport technology, and continues into the future, when AMG will provide a tangible experience of Formula 1 racing for non-racers as well.

Superiority, intensity and character help shape the Driving Performance. This also characterises the actions and can be experienced by the customer ‑ in the vehicle, during the brand experience in the Driving Academy or in the communication. For the customer, this results in an intensive experience for all the senses. The standard therefore is to make intense brand experiences possible that linger.

Professional care and advice in over 400 performance centres

A further key to the success of Mercedes-AMG is the particularly intensive customer care. The more than 400 AMG Performance Centres in 40 countries play an important role in this regard. This is where customers and fans immerse themselves in the brand environment of Mercedes-AMG. The history of the brand and its DNA can be experienced first-hand, for instance through the unparalleled quality of the customer support and advice from the trained AMG sales and service experts.

Another central component of customer support is the online AMG Private Lounge. Launched in 2006 for US customers, it was expanded internationally in 2009 and brought an international dimension to the official AMG Brand Community. The online platform invites AMG owners to share their passion for the brand with other AMG enthusiasts. Inside knowledge, direct contact with Affalterbach, exclusive events and opportunities to communicate and exchange ideas create a tangible brand experience.

The community spirit is further strengthened by highly exclusive events only for Private Lounge members and the shared brand experience. At present the AMG Private Lounge Community has an accredited membership of 55,000 worldwide. No other car manufacturer offers anything comparable.

AMG Driving Academy: learn from the pros

At the AMG Driving Academy customers experience the fascination of the AMG brand in a thrilling way. It offers driving experiences and training sessions for individual requirements, giving customers the opportunity to become acquainted with the potential of a Mercedes-AMG and simultaneously increase their handling safety on roads and race tracks.

During AMG RACETRACK training, the participants develop their driving skills under the instruction of coaches experienced in racing and with the aid of data recording and video analyses. They are coached by top instructors – including racing greats like Bernd Schneider and Karl Wendlinger or trainers active in motorsport’s long-distance and rally series, such as Jan Seyffarth and Hannes Danzinger.