dunhill presents ICON Elite, a modern and timeless adaptation of dunhill ICON

dunhill’s commitment to using only the finest ingredients is fully reinforced in its latest expression of olfactory masculinity, an effortless representation of core characteristics of the dunhill man. ICON Elite is an expression of exclusivity in the continuing journey to define all facets of the modern British gentleman.

The soul of dunhill ICON Elite is constructed around a core blend of notes: Sicilian bigarade, vetiver and Sandalwood. This is the signature of the fragrance. The robust spice accord of cardamon and black pepper adds more depth and force whilst a heart blue sage and juniper affirms elegance. Finally, a masculine combination of ebony wood contrasts with a black suede to convey fine craftsmanship and exquisite quality of materials.

ICON Elite embodies a unique form of British masculine luxury, effortlessly combining dunhill’s distinct heritage and timeless appeal with craftsmanship, innovation and sophistication for the modern gentleman.