Paris Gallery launches 2014 Eyewear Collection

The UAE’s leading premium goods retailer Paris Gallery has launched 2014 Summer Eyewear Collection featuring designer glasses.

Paris Gallery houses one of the largest collections of designer sunglasses, and its 2014 Summer Collection features designer sunglasses from high-end brands such as Chopard, Police, Roberto Cavalli, Tom Ford, Tonino Lamborghini, Fendi and much more.

In the Middle East, a region where the sun seems to shine brightest, summer signifies life, vitality, excitement and adventure. But with summer also comes the need to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays; rays that triple in intensity at this time, the solution to which is a good pair of sunglasses.

However, today sunglasses are more than just an accessory that helps protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

In the fashion world, sunglasses are the ultimate style statement for both men and women. Look around, and you will find the fashion conscious brandishing a pair of the latest sunglasses.

Whatever be your style, budget and face shape, there are ‘n’ number of styles to choose from. One foolproof way to flaunt your fashionable taste is to invest in the latest sunglasses. And by doing this, you’ll never go wrong with the style.

Sunglasses are such a style statement that transcends the limits of age, class or gender.