Dubai and India top American job destinations

Dubai has trumped London as a favored destination for Americans seeking jobs outside the United States, says a latest research.

Health benefits provider Aetna International has discovered that US citizens are becoming more diverse when searching for jobs abroad, with Dubai out-staging London as the top destination.

Also, India has outshined Canada in the category of countries where Americans are looking for job opportunities.

Since January 2013, Dubai has been the most sought-after city among US citizens searching for ‘jobs in (cities)’ as they consider working abroad. This moves Europe’s primary financial center, London, to second-place after being the top of the wish-list since 2006.

Aetna International looked at Google Trends data for the world’s 40 largest countries and their capitals since 2006.

Caroline Pain, marketing director Aetna International, says: “Compared with 2006, US citizens appear to be considering a far broader range of countries than ever before when it comes to working abroad.

“Dubai has now overtaken London as the most popular city for Americans looking for jobs overseas. It’s also interesting to see Paris becoming the third most-searched global city, pushing Singapore down the table.”

The remainder of the top ten most searched capital cities since January 2006 form a mix of old Europe – Rome, Geneva and Amsterdam – plus Cape Town in South Africa, Mexico City, and Ottawa in Canada.

“Like everyone else around the world, it would appear US residents think about job prospects along with their new year’s resolutions. Our research analysis discovered two noticeable trends year-over-year – a peak in January and in the middle of the year, with searches trailing off toward the end of the year,” says Pain.

The top ten countries searched were India, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, France and South Africa.