Black Fortuna power plant in Dusseldorf sets the standard

In order to help Dusseldorf reach its 2050 goal of being climate neutral, a new power plant has been built: Black Fortuna. This combined cycle power plant uses natural gas, which is very efficient while taking emissions to a minimum to limit pollution. Black Fortuna has the highest performance rating as well as the best reutilization of wasted heat.

This amounts to the highest efficiency rate recorded, of over 61 percent. This plant is able to supply an entire city in its heat and power needs. In addition, the facility is able to reach its full load power in just 25 minutes. What’s more, it is able to meet any demands from the network in moments. Black Fortuna was built in partnership with Siemens and the whole project took two-and-a-half years only to complete. Watch the video to find out more.