Totally Integrated Power: tackling challenging environments

All businesses, facilities and housing now run with electrical power that is crucial to modern life. The simple structures of the energy system are getting increasingly complex, as the energy does not simply go from the producer to the consumer; it now circulates through multiple different relays. The industry’s power supply has to adapt to these new challenges, and it is now possible with the Totally Integrated Power (TIP).

This era is all about individual personalized solutions, which Siemens provides, anticipating future’s needs in power supply for all voltage levels with comprehensive software and hardware solutions. In short, TIP means constant electrification, making it easier for automation and digitalization technologies to be developed.

TIP is able to face any challenges in greenfield (developed in a totally new environment) and brownfield (developed in challenging environments) projects. It is also modular, coming from one single source, and closely linked to industrial and building automation systems from planning and financing all the way to services for all industrial buildings and facilities. Thanks to this innovation, power now circulates in a reliable, safe and efficient manner. Watch the video to find out more.