KSA, UAE set to be largest players for automated materials handling equipment

17.08.2017, 13:53 by Staff

Manufacturers and suppliers of automated material handling…

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Four key trends impacting the design of logistics networks in GCC

3.08.2017, 9:00 by Staff

Companies in the Gulf region and globally…

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UAE customers prefer digital-first approach to banking services

3.08.2017, 7:06 by Staff

Consumers in the UAE increasingly want to…

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GCC travelers help drive record visitor numbers to Ireland

30.07.2017, 14:19 by Staff

GCC visitors have helped to drive record…

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45 million emails passed by incumbent security systems, 25% are ‘Unsafe’

30.07.2017, 14:01

Mimecast Limited, a leading email and data…

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$1.5 billion opportunity exists for GCC telecom operators venturing into drones

24.07.2017, 9:30 by Staff

The market for drones in the GCC…

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UAE users’ behavior trends during Ramadan 2017

23.07.2017, 8:00 by Staff

  The platform recorded approximately 17 million…

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Abu Dhabi real estate faces drop in demand and increase in supply

20.07.2017, 9:00

The latest report from leading real estate…

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How do GCC Millennials Shop online?

18.07.2017, 11:00 by Staff

With the recent acquisition of Souq.com by…

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Industrial firms face annual $497,000 cybersecurity incident bill

11.07.2017, 7:35 by Staff

Although the majority of industrial organizations believe…

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Apple is the top IT vendor of 2016; followed by Samsung, Google

22.06.2017, 15:16 by Staff

Gartner, Inc. has unveiled the top global…

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Trillion-dollar boost: economic impact of AI on CRM activities

19.06.2017, 15:33 by Staff

Artificial intelligence-powered CRM (customer relationship management) activities…

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Mobile growth and cyber-attacks force new hiring in UAE

13.06.2017, 15:48

Businesses across the UAE are scrambling to…

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400% increase in impersonation attacks, says Mimecast report

12.06.2017, 12:19 by Staff

Both known and unknown attacks, as well…

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Siemens and TCS join forces for industrial IoT on MindSphere

7.06.2017, 13:16 by Staff

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global…

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Password and username reuse is major threat to enterprise security

30.05.2017, 15:19

Cybercriminals are increasingly turning to credential stuffing…

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Essential tools to combat ransomware

14.05.2017, 15:40 by Staff

The corporate world was shaken by a…

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Dell Technologies simplifies IoT for customers with innovative products, partnerships

10.05.2017, 14:17 by Staff

  New VMware Pulse IoT center, Dell…

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ATM 2017 celebrated strength of travel and tourism industry in Middle East

9.05.2017, 13:43 by Staff

  International visitors up 7% ATM records…

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