VIDEO – In Conversation: Xavier Mesnard, Partner, AT Kearney

6.01.2016, 10:09 by Staff, Dubai

Xavier Mesnard, Partner at A.T. Kearney speaks…

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VIDEO: Bad Ragaz 2015 – Overview

15.12.2015, 10:40 by Staff, Dubai

Paul Laudicina, Partner and Chairman Emeritus, A.T….

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10 things you need to know about the Paris summit on climate change

30.11.2015, 17:55 by Mujeeb Rahman, Dubai

1. Conference of Paris/COP 21: The 2015…

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VIDEO: Bad Ragaz Group – The future of Europe

19.11.2015, 15:38 by Staff, Dubai

As Europe emerges out of a prolonged…

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Q&A: How are investors reacting to regional economic headwinds?

28.10.2015, 14:18 by Staff, Dubai

Standard Chartered Bank recently hosted its second…

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How to tell if someone wants to stop talking to you

22.10.2015, 10:23 by Dorie Clark

At some conferences, you have a clear…

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5 ways to make conference networking easier

14.10.2015, 11:20 by Dorie Clark

Networking at a conference typically means rushing…

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Round two: arab luxury world kick-starts second edition

1.06.2015, 8:00 by Hind Mustafa, Dubai

arab luxury world, the key annual regional…

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Middle East luxury industry grows despite volatility

14.05.2015, 13:12 by Staff, Dubai

The Arab world is at a crossroads…

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Upbeat mood at Arab Luxury World conference

2.06.2014, 13:35 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

The inaugural Arab luxury world conference –…

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