HP, Deloitte announce alliance to accelerate digital transformation

1.09.2017, 18:00 by Staff, Dubai

HP Inc. and Deloitte Consulting LLP announced…

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Employees of generations X, Y and Z have outsized expectations from technology

11.06.2017, 11:34 by Henrik Bresman and Vinika D Rao

Only three percent of working professionals currently…

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What are the top priorities for CEOs this year?

27.04.2017, 13:01 by Staff

Growth is the number one business priority…

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Digital landscape calls for cautious approach in 2017

26.12.2016, 11:05

Technology marvels like robotics and IoT (internet…

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Huawei’s best-in-class products raise the bar of technology experience

14.12.2016, 13:16

  One of the quickest computing performances…

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Driving the digital wave

5.12.2016, 20:04 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

A look at Dubai’s road network reveals color-coded…

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How to forecast success

5.12.2016, 19:58 by Henrich Greve, Dubai

You probably know someone who owns an…

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Governments must be conduits of change, says Dr Sami Mahroum

5.12.2016, 19:46 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

Dr Sami Mahroum, director, INSEAD Innovation and Policy…

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Digitization to boost efficient administration

5.12.2016, 18:26 by Samer Bohsali, Sevag Papazian, Rawia Abdel Samad, Dubai

Digital technology is revamping industries around the…

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Change. Digitization. Disruption.

27.11.2016, 22:57 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, in one word,…

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