GMIS and ADNIC support UAE innovation in transportation tech

30.03.2017, 16:32

  UAE leading the way in the…

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InsurTech Integrated to add more disruption in insurance market

2.03.2017, 12:35

Digitization has been touted as a catalyst…

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VIDEO: Tal Hisahm Nazer, CEO – Bupa Arabia ranked No.9 at TOP CEO 2015 Awards

1.04.2015, 17:53 by Staff, Dubai

Tal Hisahm Nazer, the CEO of Saudi-owned…

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UAE insurers face regulatory challenges

21.12.2014, 13:37 by Staff, Dubai

Regulatory compliance is high on the agenda…

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Running for cover toward trade credit

6.11.2014, 15:18 by Hossam Abougabal, Dubai

As the global economy slowly works itself…

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GCC takaful industry to reach $8.9bn in 2014

9.09.2014, 19:08 by Staff, Dubai

Islamic economy is finding its foothold in…

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GCC Islamic insurance is here to stay

13.07.2014, 15:48 by Massimo Falcioni

The insurance, known as Takaful which in…

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Middle East insurance firms boost reserves

4.06.2014, 17:16 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

Middle East insurance companies have increased their…

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Life insurance ‘not a priority in the UAE’

25.03.2014, 12:53 by Staff, Dubai

It seems life insurance is not something…

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Mandatory health insurance in Dubai, what?

17.02.2014, 19:50 by Hossam Abougabal, Dubai

When Aneurin Bevan oversaw the creation of…

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