ENBD REIT shares allowed to trade on Nasdaq Dubai

23.03.2017, 17:28 by Staff

• ENBD REIT offered shares to institutional…

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MENA IPO Report Card

16.09.2015, 15:42 by Staff, Dubai

2015 began with a lot of excitement…

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Real estate, stocks UAE investors’ favorite asset classes

31.05.2015, 17:26 by Staff, Dubai

UAE investors rank real estate (68 percent),…

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Why foreign investors are hungry for Saudi equities?

7.08.2014, 19:42 by Sachin Mohindra

In late July, Saudi Arabia announced to…

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Dubai suspends Arabtec stocks

17.07.2014, 14:52 by Atique Naqvi and Philip Merrell, Dubai

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has suspended…

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Former Arabtec CEO might make billions

30.06.2014, 11:53 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

The bloodbath at the UAE stock markets,…

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Arabtec storm: Classic case of misty governance

26.06.2014, 18:32 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

The lack of transparency and absence of…

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Saudi IPO activity to rise in 2014

23.04.2014, 23:11 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

Saudi Arabian companies are looking to raise…

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Positive sentiment for Arab markets

1.04.2014, 18:25 by Staff, Dubai

Investor sentiment remains cautiously optimistic given the…

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Are the GCC markets independent?

7.11.2013, 12:37 by Staff, Dubai

Frontier markets of the GCC are displaying…

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