VIDEO: Choosing an ambassador for your brand – 3 thumb rules

3.09.2015, 9:30 by Staff, Dubai

Khaled Zaatarah, Brand Operations Leader – MEA …

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Video: Road ahead for oil prices

26.07.2015, 12:42 by Staff, Dubai

Majid Jafar, the chief executive of Crescent…

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VIDEO: More destinations for luxury shoppers in Dubai

30.06.2015, 14:02 by Staff, Dubai

Nakheel Retail, part of the Nakheel Group,…

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VIDEO: UAE is MEA’s most ‘inclusive’ country

28.06.2015, 14:52 by Staff, Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has topped the…

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Nestlé on the Middle East macro environment

21.06.2015, 16:30 by Staff, Dubai

Yves Manghardt, chairman and CEO of Nestlé Middle…

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VIDEO: Chinese luxury buyers migrating from Mideast to Europe

21.06.2015, 11:33 by Staff, Dubai

David Friedman, President of Wealth-X says there…

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VIDEO: Bulgari exudes optimism for MENA luxury market

17.06.2015, 17:23 by Staff, Dubai

Fidaa Baddour, Regional Marketing Director of Bulgari…

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VIDEO: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on Middle East Conflict

10.06.2015, 11:33 by Staff, Dubai

The geopolitical crises in the Middle East…

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VIDEO: Standard Chartered Bank on the challenges & opportunities for UAE

31.05.2015, 10:18 by Staff, Dubai

V. Shankar, Chief Executive Officer of Middle…

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VIDEO: Using technology to enhance humanitarian response in Syria

28.05.2015, 18:39 by Staff, Dubai

Mark Schnellbaecher, Regional Director – Syrian Crisis…

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3 Emerging Future Travel Trends

20.05.2015, 10:00 by Staff, Dubai

Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont – Head of Commercial…

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Offline Travel Agents Need Not Fear Digital Wave

20.05.2015, 9:56 by Staff, Dubai

Jeff Strachan – Senior Analyst, Phocuswright says…

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VIDEO: Egypt Tourism Minister speaks with TRENDS

14.05.2015, 15:13 by Staff, Dubai

Egypt saw a 6.9 per cent increase…

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VIDEO: Watch a miniature Burj Khalifa being created on a 3D printer

7.05.2015, 18:47 by Staff, Dubai

Here’s Dubai’s iconic landmark, the Burj Khalifa…

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Video: Staying ahead of the curve

3.03.2015, 12:50 by Staff, Dubai

Henrik Bresnman, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour…

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Video: Embracing financial transparency

3.03.2015, 12:49 by Staff, Dubai

Gilles Hilary, Professor of Accounting and Control…

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Video: Grappling with a changing business environment

3.03.2015, 11:55 by Staff, Dubai

Martin Gargiulo, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at…

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Video: Water security issues

13.11.2014, 1:09 by Staff, Dubai

The water security and scarcity is a…

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Video: Corruption and economy

13.11.2014, 0:55 by Staff, Dubai

There is a strong relation between corruption…

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