Warangkana Anuwong

Luxury Sector Analyst, Euromonitor International

Luxury watchmakers target women

July 21, 2014 15:04

Men remain the core target audience for luxury watches, particularly in the mechanical and digital categories. Globally in 2013, men’s luxury timepieces accounted for a 64 per cent share of sales ...

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Julie Mosow

Consultant, Marly Rusoff & Associates

How to manage work before maternity leave

July 17, 2014 16:02

It can be stressful to step out of your job for three months, no matter how happy the occasion. How can you be sure that you’ve prepared those around you for ...

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Morten Bennedsen

Professor of Economics & Political Science at INSEAD

Decline of iconic British brand Cadbury

July 17, 2014 15:26

There were no sweet goodbyes when Britain lost Cadbury to US food giant Kraft. How did the once family-owned firm run on strict Quaker values fall victim to globalization?

In late August ...

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