Dubai gets early taste of Brexit

July 19, 2016 15:09

Unsurprisingly, the UK has already been feeling the heat of its vote to leave the European Union. London on Monday (July 18)  woke up to the news that the forecasters at EY ...

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Omar Boulos

Accenture’s MD for the Middle East and North Africa

Ways to counter cyber-attacks

May 15, 2016 16:07

Even the best cyber-defense strategy will fail if it’s not executed effectively. A security team’s “ground game” will determine how well it detects and responds to cyber-attacks, but many organizations ...

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Stanislav Shekshnia

Affiliate professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, INSEAD

Turning around stumbling state companies

May 15, 2016 15:58

In February 2012, The Economist reported that Russia’s state-owned Sberbank had become one of the best performing corporate stocks in a decade. Every $100 invested in the company in 2002 was ...

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