Tony Schwartz

Founder & CEO, The Energy Project

What makes employee resilience possible?

November 24, 2014 12:08

Capacity is the sort of flat, familiar word we don’t typically give a second thought. It’s also the key to a high-performance work culture and a sustainably productive life.

Capacity ...

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Manfred Kets De Vries

Professor, INSEAD

11 leadership lessons from Alexander the Great

November 23, 2014 11:52

Visionary, team builder, mentor, he shows us some timeless leadership lessons but also some glaring failures.

Although the ‘Great Man’ theory of leadership belongs to the scrapheap of history, its allure continues ...

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Peter J. Henning

Professor, Wayne State University Law School

Forex settlement shows the lessons banks have learned

November 14, 2014 16:07

The settlements by five global banks for manipulating the foreign currency markets show a strategy based on strength in numbers: The more banks that are disciplined, the less any one of them ...

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