Stanislav Shekshnia

Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD

Can you learn to be a CEO?

September 21, 2014 14:31

Is it time for a CEO school to train leaders for the top job or is it even a profession one can be schooled in?

A participant of an INSEAD executive development ...

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Ryan Raffaelli

Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

The Apple Watch is a gift to Swiss watches

September 18, 2014 18:41

The launch of the Apple Watch has raised questions about its impact on the Swiss watch industry. Contrary to Apple designer Jony Ive’s remarks that the Swiss watch could be in ...

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Ed Batista

Executive Coach, Stanford Graduate School of Business

The marshmallow test for grownups

September 18, 2014 17:57

Originally conducted by psychologist Walter Mischel in the late 1960s, the Stanford “marshmallow test” has become a touchstone of developmental psychology. Children at Stanford’s Bing Nursery School, aged 4-6, were placed ...

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