Steven G. Mandis

Adjunct Professor, Colombia Business School

Changing the culture of Wall Street

October 26, 2014 17:30

William C. Dudley, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, gave a speech recently in which he used the word “culture” 45 times.

Here’s how he defined it: “...

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Ethan Bernstein

Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

We need to outsmart our smart devices

October 23, 2014 17:16

Most commentary about the Internet of Things assumes that we sacrifice privacy and security for huge efficiency gains. But what if the notion underlying that tradeoff - the idea that more connectivity ...

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Claudio Fernández Aráoz

Senior Advisor, Egon Zehnder

Ignore emotional intelligence at your own risk

October 23, 2014 16:48

Call it Grant vs. Goleman. Two academic heavyweights face off on a topic that every student of leadership and human resources cares - or at least hears - a lot about: emotional ...

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