Douglas Webber

Professor of Political Science at INSEAD

Europe is losing its muscle power

October 16, 2014 0:56

With its economic and political influence increasingly questioned, can Europe ever hope to become a genuine world power?

As the 21st century opened, a number of observers of international politics were optimistic ...

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Rebecca Knight

Boston-based Writer

How to get employees to speak up

October 15, 2014 21:33

Getting candid opinions from your direct reports can be difficult. After all, no one wants to upset the boss. But hearing messages from down the ranks is critical to your organization’s ...

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Patrick J. Murphy

Professor, DePaul University

Christopher Columbus; the entrepreneur

October 14, 2014 10:22

Last spring I began offering a seminar for undergraduate business majors entitled “Mutiny and Entrepreneurship.” How to overthrow a leader, shift an authority structure, or (from an opposing perspective) quell a menacing ...

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