Vikas A. Aggarwal

Assistant Professor, INSEAD

Maximising innovation with diversity

March 30, 2015 18:06

Bringing people from different backgrounds together to work in teams can help generate new ideas, but creating diversity across teams can unlock even greater innovation.

Organisations in today’s era of hyper-competition ...

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Tom Pohlmann

Head of Values and strategy, Mu Sigma

The art of asking questions

March 29, 2015 14:22

Think back to your time growing up and in school. Chances are you received the most recognition or reward when you got the correct answers. Later in life, that incentive continues. At ...

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Joseph Grenny

Co-founder, VitalSmarts

Having constructive conflicts over email

March 26, 2015 13:18

When email was novel 20 years ago, managers began asking us if it should be used for sensitive conversations, such as performance problems or salary negotiations. For years we said “no way.”


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