• Social media sites choke Palestinian narrative: Monitoring group
    Sada Social Center, a Ramallah-based social media monitoring group, said Facebook ranks first in suppressing Palestinian content, as 273 violations were documented on the social media giant, followed by WhatsApp.

    For the first time, Clubhouse entered the war against Palestinian digital content, with at least 10 complaints.

    Violations ranged between removal of accounts and imposing restrictions on posting, especially when using terms such as occupation.

  • With decade-high inflation and slowing economic growth in most major advanced economies, the world is dealing with severe stagflation. Surging food prices are a significant contributor to high headline inflation in many countries, including most major economies, a report has pointed out.
    Persistently high food inflation will continue to erode households spending power, reducing discretionary spending, and contributing to the stagnation of global GDP. At the same time, persistently high food inflation will reduce and delay the fall in headline inflation, the Qatar National Bank report said.
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  • US companies struggle with rising dollar
    The rapid rise of the US dollar since the start of the year is a double-edged sword for American multinational companies, pushing some of them to decide whether to hedge or reposition their activities abroad to avoid fallout. And they also lose money when converting foreign revenue back into dollars.
  • Ukraine asks Turkey to detain Russian cargo ship
    Ukraine on Friday asked Turkey to detain a Russian-flagged cargo ship that Kyiv alleged had set off from a Kremlin-occupied port. Marine traffic websites showed the Zhibek Zholy anchored about a kilometer (half a mile) off Turkey's Black Sea port of Karasu. They also showed the ship only switching on its transponders about 12 hours...

    Kyiv's ambassador to Ankara said the ship had set sail from Ukraine's Kremlin-occupied port of Berdyansk

    The Marinetraffic.com website said the 140-metre general cargo vessel was sailing under the Russian flag

  • MENA eyes $320bn AI share in economy

    Artificial Intelligence market is growing in the Middle East by an estimated 20 percent to 34 percent annually, with GCC region taking the lead.
  • Equity markets mixed as eurozone inflation hits record
    Wall Street stocks shrugged off early weakness to begin the second half of 2022 on a solid note Friday, but record eurozone inflation underscored the potential for more turbulence ahead. New York equities spent much of the morning in the red, absorbing an industry survey showing slowing growth in the manufacturing sector.
  • ‘Technology has to fix fake news problem’

    Faisal Abbas, editor of Arab News, believes that it is almost impossible that journalists alone can fix the problem of fake news, and that technology has to step in to resolve the issue.
  • Libyan protesters storm parliament building in Tobruk
    Protesters stormed Libya's parliament building in the eastern city of Tobruk on Friday, demonstrating against deteriorating living conditions and political deadlock, Libyan media reported. Several television channels said that protesters had managed to penetrate the building and committed acts of vandalism, while media outlets showed images of thick columns of black smoke coming from its...

    While recognising "the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully", parliament condemned "acts of vandalism and the burning" of its headquarters

    Two governments have been vying for power for months: one based in Tripoli, led by Dbeibah, and another headed by former interior minister Fathi Bashagha

  • Europe revives Syria phosphate imports, profiting Russian firm
    Syrian phosphates used for fertiliser are being exported to Europe in bulk, benefitting a Russian firm and the sanctions-hit Damascus regime, a report said Thursday. Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Poland are among the EU states receiving Syrian phosphates, according to the report by a consortium of investigative journalists led by Lighthouse Reports and the Organized...
  • Tunisia publishes draft constitution ahead of July vote
    Tunisia on Thursday published the draft of a new constitution giving vastly more powers to the president, a text set to go to referendum on July 25, a year after President Kais Saied's dramatic power grab. The new draft was published on Thursday evening in the official journal, less than a month before the referendum.

    The constitution provides for a presidential system in a split from the mixed presidential-parliamentary system under the country's 2014 constitution

    The president would be the head of the armed forces and be charged with naming judges, who would be banned from striking

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  • Persistently high food inflation will continue to erode households spending power, reducing discretionary spending, and contributing to the stagnation of global GDP. At the same time, persistently...
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