• Israel praises US proposal for Lebanon maritime border deal
    The draft agreement floated by US envoy Amos Hochstein aims to settle competing claims over offshore gas fields and was delivered to Lebanese and Israeli officials at the weekend. Lebanese authorities, who confirmed receipt of the terms on Saturday, have pledged to deliver a reply "as quickly as possible".

    Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid told his cabinet on Sunday that the US proposal "strengthens Israel's security and Israel's economy."

    Lebanon and Israel have no diplomatic relations and their land border is patrolled by the United Nations.

  • Disruptions are fundamental shifts that create lasting change, and successful organizations remain prepared to address them. CIOs must take time to consider “what if” scenarios to avoid being blindsided by social, behavioral and technological disruptions, writes David Yockelson, VP analyst at Gartner.
    CIOs should consider new possibilities enabled by graphene-based technologies and start to identify emerging suppliers. While elements of business composability are already practiced, there are opportunities for CIOs to take it to the next level and prepare for the flexibility of disposable technology, he adds.
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  • David Yockelson

  • Qatar goes into top gear to ready luxury hotels, flats
    As the countdown to the start of the World Cug gets underway, Qatar has accelerated efforts to ready luxury hotels and bargain apartments for a million or more footfall fans. Hundreds of laborers are working on 211 meter high Katara Towers where VIP guests of FIFA will stay during the event.
  • Saudi stocks shine, while UAE’s post losses

    GCC markets had a mixed week as Saudi stocks powered by the banking and commodities retail sectors posted gains, while the UAE stocks tanked, ending the weeks with losses.
  • Violence erupts in Iraq on third anniversary of protests
    Waving portraits of the "martyrs" killed in rallies three years ago, hundreds of protestors clashed with security forces in Iraqi cities to mark three years since nationwide demonstrations broke out against endemic corruption. The fresh protests come amid political paralysis since elections last year failed to bring in a new government.

    Protesters were heard chanting "the people demand the fall of the regime", as thousands demonstrated in Baghdad's iconic Tahrir Square

    On Wednesday, three unclaimed rockets were fired at Baghdad's Green Zone, wounding seven security force personnel, as parliament held its first session

  • Houthi rebels warn Yemen truce at “dead end”
    A day before the UN-mediated truce is to expire, Houthi rebels have warned that the ceasefire in Yemen is at "a dead end". The temporary ceasefire that took effect in April has allowed for some humanitarian measures as the warring sides have by and large adhered to the truce.
  • The melting fortunes of OSN

    A once market leader that everyone looked up to, OSN is now a paler version of its former glory. It is struggling to keep up with the competition from Netflix, Shahid, and Disney Plus.
  • ‘Nord Stream 2 pipeline has stopped leaking gas’
    The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is no longer leaking under the Baltic Sea because an equilibrium has been reached between the gas and water pressure, a spokesman said. "The water pressure has more or less closed the pipeline so that the gas which is inside can't go out," Nord Stream 2 spokesman Ulrich Lissek said.

    While the pipelines are not currently in operation, they both still contained gas before they fell victim to apparent sabotage, producing four leaks.

    All the leaks are in the Baltic Sea off the Danish island of Bornholm.

  • Lebanon receives US ‘offer’ over Israel maritime border
    Lebanon said it received a letter from US envoy Amos Hochstein containing an "offer" on a maritime border deal with Israel that could settle competing claims over offshore gas fields. Prime Minister Najib Mikati met with US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea "who delivered a written offer from the US mediator", the premier's office said.
  • Saudi Arabia hopes to post budget surplus of US$24bn
    Saudi Arabia is expecting to record an increase in its budget surplus in 2022 to S24 billion, according to the kingdom's Minister of Finance. The top oil exporter of the world is hoping to see its GDP grow by 8 percent, and it expects inflation to be around 2.6 percent.

    According to the ministry of finance, Saudi total revenues are expected to reach about $299 billion in 2023, while reaching about $323 billion in 2025

    The minister said the objectives of the general budget for the fiscal year 2023 come as a continuation of the process of work to strengthen the financial position of the kingdom

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  • CIOs should consider new possibilities enabled by graphene-based technologies and start to identify emerging suppliers. While elements of business composability are already practiced, there are opportunities for...
    By David Yockelson

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