• Sanction partners: Iran’s top automaker eyes on Russian market
    Russia has come under increasingly tough sanctions since its February invasion of Ukraine, while Iran has faced stringent sanctions reimposed in 2018 when the United States unilaterally pulled out of a nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

    The two countries have responded to the sanctions by boosting cooperation in key areas to help prop up their economies.

    "We are going to pay special attention to the Russian market, and we are also thinking of partnering with Russian investors," said Iran Khodro CEO Mehdi Khatibi.

  • The GCC has emerged as a critical node in the global trade. The reasons for the Gulf's logistics infrastructure expansion are related to its strategic geographic location along the Asia-Europe trade route, which has resulted in significant expenditure on mega transport infrastructure in the region, say experts.
    Before the global Covid-19 outbreak, the logistics market in the GCC region was projected to grow to over $100 billion. However, this estimate will have to be revised as the global pandemic, along with the inflation and high oil prices, has caused many industries in the region to decelerate in their growth.
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  • Hadeel Karnib

  • Iran forest ranger killed outside court in revenge attack
    The attacker, the father of the victim that forest ranger had allegedly killed, fled from the scene with his accomplice. Shortly before the killing, another relative of the victim attacked the prison guard accompanying the forest ranger with an axe, wounding him in the hand.
  • Russia, Ukraine blame each other for striking N-plant
    Kyiv and Moscow accused each other on Saturday of striking the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant in southeastern Ukraine, which has been shelled repeatedly in the past week. Zaporizhzhia is the biggest nuclear power plant in Ukraine and in Europe. The plant has been under Russian control since March.

    The plant Zaporizhzhia is under Russian control since March, with Ukraine accusing Moscow of basing hundreds of soldiers and storing arms there.

    Kyiv and Moscow have traded several accusations over multiple rounds of shelling on the plant this month, raising fears of a nuclear catastrophe

  • Egypt’s parliament approves major cabinet reshuffle
    An emergency session of parliament on Saturday approved several cabinet changes in Egypt's first major reshuffle since 2019, with 13 ministers moved, the National Media Authority reported. A statement said the House of Representatives had approved "all the nominations set forth in a letter from President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi regarding a ministerial reshuffle".
  • Exports drive growth in Saudi and UAE

    Saudi and the UAE's reliance on oil to drive economic growth has tapered off in recent years as the non-oil sector emerges as the biggest driver of growth.
  • US to boost Taiwan trade, conduct air, sea transits
    A new trade plan will be unveiled within days, while US forces will transit the Taiwan Strait in the next few weeks, said Kurt Campbell, White House coordinator for Asia-Pacific issues and an adviser to President Joe Biden. The statement came after Beijing raged at last week's trip by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, launching...

    Taiwan has accused China of using the visit by Pelosi as an excuse to kickstart drills that Taipei called that Taipei called a rehearsal for invasion

    In response to China's drills, the United States is reasserting its involvement in the area, while reiterating its policy of "strategic ambiguity."

  • “US lives in solipsistic fantasies”

    Diminished leverage in the Gulf region makes Washington a less compelling partner than it once was, says Chas W Freeman, Former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
  • Rival sit-ins deepen Iraq political deadlock
    The opposing encampments are the latest turn in a standoff between Iraq's rival Shiite blocs which has so far remained peaceful in the war-scarred country. The pro-Iran Coordination Framework said it would hold an "indefinite sit-in" to press for a new government to be formed quickly to end months of deadlock.
  • Turkey’s court rules Kurdish politician to stay in jail
    Turkey’s top court has rejected a plea for the release of Aysel Tugluk, a Kurdish politician, but ordered that she receive regular neurological and psychiatric treatment in hospital. Her lawyer told media that providing medication was not enough, and her illness was only worsening in detention.

    Many of her supporters believe she developed dementia after witnessing Turkish nationalists attack her mother's funeral in Ankara in 2017

    Tugluk was arrested for her activities with the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), an organization that Turkish authorities consider to be linked to the Kurdistan Workers' Party

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  • Before the global Covid-19 outbreak, the logistics market in the GCC region was projected to grow to over $100 billion. However, this estimate will have to be...
    By Hadeel Karnib

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