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  • Turkish Airlines ponders buying 600 planes in two months

    ISTANBUL, TURKEY - The chairman of Turkish Airlines said Monday that the company will make a final decision on plans for a record-breaking order of 600 aircraft in two months. The airline is in talks with US aircraft maker Boeing and its European rival Airbus to purchase 400 single-aisle planes along with 200 jumbo jets, said...
  • Oman looks to entice investors at Dhahran Expo to its fishing industry

    Muscat, Oman-- Looking to entice investors to the country's fisheries sector, Fisheries Development Oman (FDO) is taking part in Saudi International Marine Exhibition and Conference (SIMEC) event, Aquafish Second Edition, with a plan to highlight Oman's flourishing fishing industry and lucrative investment opportunities it offers. The event, taking place from June 4 to June 6...