Siemens awarded triple substation deal by Nakheel for Dubai’s Deira Islands development

19.12.2016, 16:40

Siemens has been awarded a contract by…

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Iran: In troubled waters

15.11.2016, 17:28 by Gareth Smyth, Tehran

The social media campaign ‘I am Lake…

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Fresh push for Saudization

9.11.2016, 0:58 by Gérard Al-Fil, Riyadh and Dubai

In order to reduce the tenacious high…

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Reviving Saharan tourism

19.10.2016, 0:06 by Massinissa Benlakehal, Algiers

Algeria is trying to give the Saharan…

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UAE market set to rebound?

18.10.2016, 12:03 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

Gauging the investment and market sentiment in…

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Iran in a spot post-nuclear deal

18.10.2016, 11:36 by Gareth Smyth, Dublin

Richard LeBaron, senior fellow with the Atlantic…

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Iran shifts tactics to build energy allies

3.10.2016, 17:53 by Daniel Colover, Dubai

Iran’s new approach to building energy allies…

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Kuwait looks beyond oil

3.10.2016, 17:26 by Jethu Abraham, Kuwait

To understand the economic climate in Kuwait,…

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Egypt: on the brink of another crisis

3.10.2016, 17:17 by Gerard Al-Fil, Dubai

Busy with the Battle of Aleppo and…

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The ever-changing face of Makkah

19.09.2016, 17:55 by Alex Malouf, Makkah

Mohammed, a Makkah native in his late…

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The mood in the Kingdom is positive, says Fahad Al-Turki of Jadwa Investment

19.09.2016, 17:52 by Shafquat Ali, Dubai

Fahad Al-Turki, chief economist and head of…

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Saudi and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

19.09.2016, 17:43 by Gérard Al-Fil, Riyadh and Dubai

According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive…

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Saudi on the move

19.09.2016, 17:40 by Gérard Al-Fil, Riyadh and Dubai

As Saudi Arabia prepares to celebrate its…

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Education reforms march on in Algeria

29.08.2016, 17:34 by Rachid Tlemçani, Algiers

On the eve of Algeria’s national sovereignty…

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British tourist arrivals may be impacted

22.08.2016, 17:41 by Saifur Rahman, Dubai

With the initial knee-jerk reaction over Brexit…

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Turkey: tourism in turmoil

22.08.2016, 17:21 by Bill Sellars, Ankara

Battered by a rise in terrorist activity…

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Diversification: No turning back for Bahrain

22.08.2016, 17:04 by Al Emid, Manama

During times of rapid change, phrases not…

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Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Plan approved by Cabinet

20.06.2016, 23:14

Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Plan (NTP), a…

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Jordan is pushing for renewable energy, says Imad Fakhoury, Minister of Planning

20.06.2016, 15:16 by Atique Naqvi, Davos

Lower oil prices are a big challenge…

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