Oil’s Well?

8.02.2017, 11:51 by Shafquat Ali

Even though the deal was two years…

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Iran in a spot post-nuclear deal

18.10.2016, 11:36 by Gareth Smyth, Dublin

Richard LeBaron, senior fellow with the Atlantic…

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Morocco: In the line of fire

11.10.2016, 14:35 by Massinissa Benlakehal, Algiers

By all accounts, Morocco’s claims over the…

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Iran shifts tactics to build energy allies

3.10.2016, 17:53 by Daniel Colover, Dubai

Iran’s new approach to building energy allies…

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There is need to accelerate growth, says Ali Haddad of Algerian Business Coalition

3.10.2016, 17:39 by Staff, Dubai

The Algerian Business Coalition (Forum des Chefs…

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Kuwait looks beyond oil

3.10.2016, 17:26 by Jethu Abraham, Kuwait

To understand the economic climate in Kuwait,…

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Leveraging digital technologies

27.09.2016, 10:56

After the steepest decline in oil prices…

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Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Plan approved by Cabinet

20.06.2016, 23:14

Saudi Arabia’s National Transformation Plan (NTP), a…

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Gulf oil producers are leveraging IT to excavate and optimize production

13.06.2016, 12:38 by Jay Akasie, Riyadh

To anyone who follows the oil industry,…

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Oil price: bottoming out

13.06.2016, 12:31 by Gerard Al-Fil, Dubai

The year 2016 marks a turning point…

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