Fresh push for Saudization

9.11.2016, 0:58 by Gérard Al-Fil, Riyadh and Dubai

In order to reduce the tenacious high…

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The ever-changing face of Makkah

19.09.2016, 17:55 by Alex Malouf, Makkah

Mohammed, a Makkah native in his late…

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The mood in the Kingdom is positive, says Fahad Al-Turki of Jadwa Investment

19.09.2016, 17:52 by Shafquat Ali, Dubai

Fahad Al-Turki, chief economist and head of…

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Saudi and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

19.09.2016, 17:43 by Gérard Al-Fil, Riyadh and Dubai

According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive…

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Entrepreneurship is not just for start-ups

15.08.2016, 17:16 by Randel Carlock, Dubai

Management theories come about in response to…

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US moving away from Saudi, says Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group

27.06.2016, 16:04 by Atique Naqvi, Davos

How do you see the GCC region’s…

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New telecom models are important, says Khaled Biyari, CEO, Saudi Telecom Company

27.06.2016, 16:00 by Atique Naqvi, Davos

The main theme of discussion in Davos…

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Gulf oil producers are leveraging IT to excavate and optimize production

13.06.2016, 12:38 by Jay Akasie, Riyadh

To anyone who follows the oil industry,…

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Oil price: bottoming out

13.06.2016, 12:31 by Gerard Al-Fil, Dubai

The year 2016 marks a turning point…

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Growth rate of GCC banks down to single digits

24.03.2016, 0:53 by Staff, Dubai

The banking industry in the GCC grew…

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