Preventing and mitigating ransomware with cyber situational awareness

19.09.2017, 11:29 by Alastair Paterson

If you are familiar with mafia movies…

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Equifax breach: How will it impact enterprises and consumers?

10.09.2017, 15:33 by Rick Holland

On September 7, credit reporting agency Equifax…

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Fluctuation in exploit kit market – temporary blip or long-term trend?

2.09.2017, 18:46 by Rick Holland

Exploit kit activity is waning. Collectively these…

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Don’t turn out the lights on dark web marketplaces

23.08.2017, 16:36 by Alastair Paterson

We’ve all heard the phrase: “When one…

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Alphabay disappears: 3 scenarios to look for next

18.07.2017, 12:30 by Rick Holland

The AlphaBay dark web marketplace has been…

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Cybersecurity starts with training your employees

16.07.2017, 10:00 by Mohammed Basheer

The Petya ransomware attack that hit computers…

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How CIOs can manage the expectations of the connected customer

13.07.2017, 13:30 by Aaron White

The role of the CIO has changed…

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Talent management for the age of career disruption

10.07.2017, 13:20 by Antoine Tirard and Claire Lyell

Most companies are shooting themselves in the…

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Death to Passwords: identity management in the modern age

9.07.2017, 11:30 by Deepak Narain

Who are you? And can you prove…

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Macro outlook: ‘into the summer lull’

9.07.2017, 9:30 by Christopher Dembik

Ahead of summer lull, central bank confusion…

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Gold under pressure as equities and yields rally

5.07.2017, 15:57 by Hussein Al Sayed

Equity investors have entered the third quarter…

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Legacy ITSM systems ill-equipped to empower enterprises in digital economy

4.07.2017, 12:41 by Mark Ackerman

Trends like digitalization change the way IT…

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Petya-like wormable malware: the ‘who’ and the ‘why’

3.07.2017, 15:10 by Rick Holland

Late on June 27, the New York…

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Renewable energy in the Arab world: innovations in business models

3.07.2017, 13:04 by Prof. Odeh Al-Jayyousi

Renewable energy presents new windows of opportunity…

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Four agile steps to ensure inbound marketing success

28.06.2017, 13:33 by Leah Quesada

The term ‘inbound marketing’ was coined in…

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The digital trends of summer 2017

21.06.2017, 15:35 by Alexander Rauser

Many associate the term ‘summer’ with vacations,…

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Big data representing a potential windfall for companies

12.06.2017, 15:36 by Samina Rizwan

Look around you: what do you see?…

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How is new technology bridging physical and digital

11.06.2017, 12:49 by David Fregonas

Innovation and advanced technologies are dramatically changing…

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Employees of generations X, Y and Z have outsized expectations from technology

11.06.2017, 11:34 by Henrik Bresman and Vinika D Rao

Only three percent of working professionals currently…

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