Middle East central banks raise interest rates after Fed hike

17.12.2015, 15:36 by Mujeeb Rahman, Dubai

The central banks in the Middle East…

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Fiscal consolidations make crises worse

14.12.2015, 10:52 by Antonio Fatas

Post-crisis fiscal consolidations can have persistent and…

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UAE to cut ‘unnecessary’ investments

17.11.2015, 17:24 by Florence Pilkington, Dubai

The economy of the UAE is expected…

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Renminbi devaluation may trigger new currency war

17.08.2015, 14:34 by Peter Eavis, New York

For years, China looked like the principled…

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Addicted to central bank painkillers?

30.06.2014, 11:44 by Antonio Fatas

The argument that low interest rates during…

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UAE real estate: Yet another bubble?

10.06.2014, 11:04 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

Some of the real estate players in…

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Lebanese banks cut exposure

22.08.2013, 12:21 by Vanessa Khalil, Beirut

As instability continues in Syria and Egypt,…

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