Top 4 M&A trends for 2016

12.01.2016, 12:59 by Staff, Dubai

It was a record-breaking year for mergers…

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11 global events that shook the Middle East in 2015

30.12.2015, 14:24 by Mujeeb Rahman, Dubai

1. Oil price decline The Middle East…

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Middle East central banks raise interest rates after Fed hike

17.12.2015, 15:36 by Mujeeb Rahman, Dubai

The central banks in the Middle East…

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Fed move, a test for global stocks

17.12.2015, 10:01 by Peter Eavis, New York

The extraordinarily low interest rates of the…

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Fiscal consolidations make crises worse

14.12.2015, 10:52 by Antonio Fatas

Post-crisis fiscal consolidations can have persistent and…

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In Bernanke’s memoir, a candid look at Lehman collapse

6.10.2015, 14:47 by Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York

  It is astonishing to hear a…

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The US Fed and the GCC

22.09.2015, 15:06 by Staff, Dubai

The US Federal Reserve kept rates on…

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Oil squeeze could derail GCC infrastructure plans, increase refinancing risks

22.09.2015, 12:47 by Staff, Dubai

GCC corporations have finally begun feeling the…

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Renminbi devaluation may trigger new currency war

17.08.2015, 14:34 by Peter Eavis, New York

For years, China looked like the principled…

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