Saudi Arabia: a vision of success

19.09.2017, 11:05 by Staff, Dubai / Riyadh

When US President Donald Trump decided to…

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ADNOC’s ongoing transformation creates substantial value across the group

11.07.2017, 7:00 by Staff

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)…

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OPEC producers remain optimistic, but analysts are certainly not

5.07.2017, 15:50 by Staff

Oil producers remain optimistic even as crude…

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Is Libya’s loss Algeria’s gain?

15.06.2017, 9:44 by Bill Sellars, Algiers

Algeria is stepping up efforts to diversify…

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MENA markets tumble in line with oil

5.06.2017, 13:17 by Staff

MENA markets, with the exception of Egypt…

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IIoT to play crucial role in Egypt’s oil & gas sector future

16.05.2017, 17:56 by Staff

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud-based…

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“Dip in oil sector has made it more difficult to invest,”: Philippe Yvergniaux, Business France

10.04.2017, 11:00 by Jethu Abraham

After a surge of oil-fueled prosperity in…

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IMF completes 2017 Article IV Mission to Algeria

21.03.2017, 16:53 by Staff

• Efforts to adjust to the oil…

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Oil’s Well?

8.02.2017, 11:51 by Shafquat Ali

Even though the deal was two years…

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Iran in a spot post-nuclear deal

18.10.2016, 11:36 by Gareth Smyth, Dublin

Richard LeBaron, senior fellow with the Atlantic…

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