Becht scours for partners in Saudi Arabia, Oman to widen operations

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Becht’s moves in the Middle East come after the firm announced several significant acquisitions.
  • The company's director for the Middle East said discussions with companies in Saudi Arabia were also going on for striking partnerships
  • Van Der Beek said that Becht hopes to sign a number of downstream contracts with firms in Oman within a year

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia— Becht, an American engineering services company, has revealed that it is in talks with potential partners in Saudi Arabia in order to widen its presence in the region.

According to its director for the Middle East, Chris Van Der Beek, Becht is also holding discussions with potential allies in Oman, and hopes to sign a number of downstream contracts in the country within a year.

Speaking to media, Van Der Beek said: “We already have a local agency partner in the UAE, and we are in discussions with potential agency partners in Saudi Arabia and Oman.” 

Referring to its work in Oman, he added: “We are in talks about potential contracts at the moment, and we are expecting a number of them to be finalized over the next 12 months.”

Becht, the New Jersey-based company, specializes in engineering solutions, plant services, and software tools and has offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

The director said these contracts are expected to relate to refineries or refinery-integrated petrochemical facilities that are either operational or in the later stages of development.

The engineering giant’s moves in the Middle East come after the firm announced several significant acquisitions that have enhanced its portfolio of products and services.

Nearly two years back, Becht acquired the Dutch business consultancy EPS Customer Solutions, and in January 2020, Becht purchased Texas Gulf Coast Engineers. 


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