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TAQA Q1 net income $571m

Net income fell $2.58bn due to one-off items recognized in 2023.

QatarEnergy buys stake in Egypt blocks

It did not disclose the cost of the agreement.

TSMC’s April revenue up 60%

It capitalized on huge wave of demand for chips used in AI hardware.

Etihad reports record Q1 profit

Total revenue increased by $269 million in the same period.

Aramco Q1 profit down 14.5%

Despite lower profit, it will pay $31bn in dividends to Saudi government.

Digitization key to Tamer Group’s success: Chairman

  • Mumzworld Acquisition will help the Group improve the B2B services and extend the digital journey to include B2C, says Ayman Tamer
  • As a Pearl Initiative partner, Tamer Group says it has adopted the best corporate governance and transparency standards

Tamer Group is recognized as one of the leading companies in medicine, health, and cosmetic services. It is one of the first Saudi groups in business and medical services in Saudi Arabia.

Due to its approach of serving international companies in various fields through partnership agreements and various strategic alliances, the group plays a privileged position in the Saudi market in addition to utilizing a prominent role in the “Pearl Initiative,” which works throughout the Gulf region to influence and improve accountability and transparency in companies and demonstrate leadership.

As the company approaches its 100th anniversary, it focuses on digital transformation and assisting in launching its online pharmaceutical business.

TRENDS MENA spoke to Ayman Tamer, Chairman and Managing Partner of Tamer Group, about the company’s role in adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and its ability to secure the needs of the local pharmaceutical market, and the company’s most important initiatives currently undergoing and future goals.

Tamer Group has announced a deal to buy a stake in Mumzworld Platform. What is the significance of this step for the company, particularly its entry into the e-commerce sector?

Being part of Tamer Group will give Mumzworld strong access and support from the integrated functions, resources, and networks at the Group to fuel Mumzworld to continue its growth momentum. 

While Mumzworld will enjoy high agility and autonomy to run its business, it will benefit from being part of a larger group. Tamer Group will also capitalize on Mumzworld to enhance and expedite the Group’s digital transformation journey and help in establishing its online pharmaceutical business. 

How do you think retail enterprises in Saudi Arabia can improve their strategy to take advantage of digital transformation and the rise of e-commerce, in your opinion?

The Group had been going through a digital transformation across different businesses that we operate in. We have achieved significant milestones in B2B to support digital fulfillment and enhance the services to our customers. Mumzworld will help the Group expedite the current plans, improve the B2B services and extend the digital journey to include B2C.

Saudi Arabia aspires to be a regional leader in health and medical care development. How can Tamer Group assist in this?

The Group has projects to enhance localization by expanding its manufacturing capabilities with Saudi Arabia and Egypt on the SAJA Pharmaceuticals platform. 

We partner with Molnlycke, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical and surgical solutions, to start local assembly for surgical procedural kits and customize the surgical tools to specific kinds of surgeries. 

This will enhance the Saudi healthcare industry and allow us to export to the MENA region in line with our agreements with our partners to cover the region and use Saudi Arabia as a production hub.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the character of your company’s work over the last year, and how have you used this situation to improve your work mechanism?

COVID-19 has positively impacted the company’s performance from a revenue perspective and in the way we operate. The team has shown resilience and demonstrated high discipline to deliver products to customers and patients. 

We continued serving the market with full power during the pandemic and expanded to more areas to meet the market’s needs. We were the first and the largest supplier of surgical masks, sanitizers, and immunity enhancement vitamins and supplements. 

The field force, operation, and delivery teams were operating around the clock to serve the market. We adapted to the new norm of working remotely to ensure the continuity of our operations. 

In addition, we accelerated the introduction of the B2B model to serve the customers better and minimize face-to-face interaction. Mumzworld acquisition will support the digital journey and accelerate and further improve the level of services provided to our customers.

To what extent is the pharmaceutical industry adapting to the needs of Saudi citizens?

The pharmaceutical industry is providing the latest innovation to Saudi patients. Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) supports introducing the newest research by providing fast-track registration. The local industry has several partnerships with global players to bring products to the country at lower costs and create new job opportunities for Saudi talents.  

What are the most significant initiatives you are working on now, and what are the future objectives you hope to achieve as the Group celebrates its 100th anniversary?

Digitalization of our operations to achieve total digital fulfillment, and completion of our corporate governance to separate the management from the ownership and expand the manufacturing facilities to enhance localization.     

Tamer Group is Pearl Initiative’s key partner. What role does Pearl Initiative play in corporate governance? How can governance aid risk management, growth, and employee and investor motivation?

Being one of the key partners of Pearl Initiative has encouraged Tamer Group to implement the best practices of corporate governance and transparency. 

Even though it is a privately owned family business, the Group is an example and role model for other family-owned businesses and unlisted companies.

Governance adds a lot of value towards risk management, growth, and employee motivation by setting guiding frameworks (rules, policies, and practices) and KPIs within which the organization and decision-makers protect the Group’s assets, reputation, and other resources. Governance also optimizes the performance and results and enhances the financial viability of companies.

From investors’ perspective, shareholders also understand that having a good corporate governance framework in the organization will ensure that the company has the proper rules, policies, and practices to create long-term value for shareholders and investors.

This encourages them to appoint a strong board of directors that will ensure an appropriate governance structure is in place to achieve long-term value creation through solid oversight.