Evorra secures pre-seed investment

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Evorra has said it will be the world's largest, fully transparent audience creation, activation, insight and monetization platform.
  • The funds will be used to finalize Evorra's B2B SaaS audience marketplace.
  • Evorra offers a solution to the death of third-party cookies so that brands can be custodians of their customer’s marketing data.

Evorra, an ad and data tech solutions provider, has said it accepted pre-seed investment from Area Tech Holdings, a syndicate of leading ad and data tech investors across the Middle East, and ad tech industry specialist FirstPartyCapital.

In a statement, Evorra said it will use the funds to finalize its innovative B2B SaaS audience marketplace that enables deterministic data at scale in a privacy-by-design environment for agencies and brands.

Evorra’s vision is to empower anyone in brands to build, activate and monetize the most valuable audiences in the world, simply, transparently, safely and with full control, the statement said.

Aaron Ritoper, founder and CEO of Evorra, comments: “We are fortunate to have the support of industry-focused investors that truly understand how Evorra solves real advertiser challenges.”

Evorra has said it will be the world’s largest, privacy compliant, opt-in and fully transparent marketplace for first party data. It is committed to offering a solution in this rapidly growing segment that enables participating brands to build their own data partner network through a no-data-movement philosophy on the latest cloud architecture and data mesh approaches.

The ad industry knows that the technology they have built over the years will soon not be fit for purpose.

“Evorra not only is helping to fill this huge gap with privacy-by-design data but has a much bolder vision o make a truly user-focused product, which solves the pain points of marketing teams,” the firm said.

The statement added that Evorra audiences’ data sources are fully transparent. Marketers no longer have to buy opaque, pre-packaged audiences with uncertain data sources, quality, nor consent.

Also, Evorra makes it simple for non-expert users to build sophisticated audiences without recourse to data scientists or specialized data analysts.

“This alone unlocks tremendous value in a business,” the statement said.

Alexandre Hawari, a Dubai based partner at Area Tech Holdings, who will join the board, said that as brands face the real consequences of the death of the third party cookie, Evorra offers an approach where brands can be responsible custodians of their customer’s marketing data and easily license transparent first-party data across multiple sources at scale.

Rich Ashton, managing partner, FirstPartyCapital, said, “Evorra is built for marketers. It is not going to be stuck in data scientist teams.”


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