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Amazon to invest $17bn in Spain  

The investment will be made in data centers in Aragon region.

Microsoft unveils ‘AI-ready’ PCs

The company's pivot to AI has been celebrated by Wall Street.

TAQA Q1 net income $571m

Net income fell $2.58bn due to one-off items recognized in 2023.

QatarEnergy buys stake in Egypt blocks

It did not disclose the cost of the agreement.

TSMC’s April revenue up 60%

It capitalized on huge wave of demand for chips used in AI hardware.

OpenAI reveals new GPT-4o model that is faster and free for all users

Company co-founder Ilya Sutskever and team co-leader Jan Leike announced their departures from the ChatGPT-maker this week. (AFP)
  • OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, has been valued at more than $80 billion by investors
  • The new model can respond to users’ audio prompts “in as little as 232 milliseconds

OpenAI on Monday launched a new AI model and desktop version of ChatGPT, along with an updated user interface, the company’s latest effort to expand the use of its popular chatbot, CNBC reported.

The tech company said the new flagship model ‘is the future of interaction between ourselves and the machines’

The update brings GPT-4 to everyone, including OpenAI’s free users, technology chief Mira Murati said in a livestreamed event. She added that the new model, GPT-4o, is “much faster,” with improved capabilities in text, video and audio. OpenAI said it eventually plans to allow users to video chat with ChatGPT.

OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, has been valued at more than $80 billion by investors.  

The ‘o’ in GPT-4o stands for omni. The new model allows ChatGPT to handle 50 different languages with improved speed and quality, and it will also be available via OpenAI’s API making it possible for developers to begin building applications using the new model today, Murati said. She added that GPT-4o is twice as fast as, and half the cost of, GPT-4 Turbo.

OpenAI researcher Mark Chen said the model can “perceive your emotion,” adding the model can also handle users interrupting it.  

OpenAI also said the new model can respond to users’ audio prompts “in as little as 232 milliseconds, with an average of 320 milliseconds, which is similar to human response time in a conversation.”

 In addition, OpenAI’s new model can function as a translator, even in audio mode, the company said.  

Team members also demonstrated the model’s ability to solve math equations and help write code, positioning it as a stronger competitor to Microsoft’s own GitHub Copilot.

Earlier this month, OpenAI rival Anthropic announced its first-ever enterprise offering and a free iPhone app.

Apple Inc. has closed in on an agreement with OpenAI to use the startup’s technology on the iPhone.

A record $29.1 billion was invested across nearly 700 generative AI deals in 2023, an increase of more than 260% from the prior year, according to PitchBook. The market is predicted to top $1 trillion in revenue within a decade.