Qatar-France trade grows to US$4.5bn, in sign of warming ties

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A front view of Qatar Chamber in Doha.
  • Qatar Chamber took part in the Arab French Economic Summit 2023 in Paris run under the theme "a partnership that must be forged in a world in crisis"
  • Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Thani, Chairman of Qatar Chamber, affirmed his keenness to enhance cooperation between the Qatari and French private sectors

Doha, Qatar–In a sign of growing business ties between Qatar and France, trade between the two countries has increased by 165 percent to $4.5 billion in 2022, compared with $1.70 billion in 2021.

Qatar Chamber recently participated in the Arab French Economic Summit 2023 which was held in Paris under the theme “A partnership that must be forged in a world in crisis”.

The Chamber’s delegation was presided over by QC Chairman Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Thani.

The summit was jointly organized by the Arab French Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Arab Chambers, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The summit focused on several topics including, environment and water, industry, modern construction projects, food, and medicine.

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The event, which is being organized for the fourth time, constitutes an opportunity to conduct an assessment of the economic and trade relations between the Arab countries and France, and to explore ways and means of strengthening this relationship, especially between the private sectors, so that it is based on win-win.

Earlier, Jassim Al-Thani also participated in the meeting of the board of directors of the French Arab Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting’s agenda touched on a report on the chamber’s activities during the past year, closing the accounts and budget for 2022, and the discussion of the Arab French Economic Summit.

The meeting also reviewed enhancing commercial relations between France and the Arab World and encouraging businessmen from both sides to boost cooperation and establish investment projects that develop trade volume between both parties.

In a statement, Jassim Al-Thani praised the strong relations between Arab countries and France, noting that Qatar Chamber works closely with Arab member chambers in the Arab-French Chamber of Commerce to unify stances towards the various economic and commercial issues in a way that leads to promoting the intratrade between both sides.

He also noted that the Arab-French Chamber of Commerce since its inception before 50 years is working to develop the economic, commercial, and industrial relations between France and Arab countries, as well as facilitate mutual investments.

He stressed the close commercial relations between Qatar and France, stressing the Qatar Chamber’s keenness on enhancing cooperation between the Qatari and French private sectors and bolstering cooperation ties between Qatari businessmen and their counterparts from France, in a way that develops trade exchange between both countries.