Revonic launches deep analytics tool REXA in Qatar

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  • The company says REXA will help businesses to plot digital courses with confidence and achieve measurable results

  • Revonic foresees enhanced online shopping experiences through measurement of key performance metrics

Doha:  Revonic, a design and optimization of digital experiences firm, on Sunday launched its deep analytics tool REXA in Qatar, where online shopping has blossomed significantly over the past year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

With Internet penetration of 99%, Qatar is one of the most connected nations in the world, slightly ahead of countries such as Denmark and Sweden, at 98%, and Switzerland and South Korea at 97%. 

Qatar’s eCommerce sector is projected to reach US$ 3 billion this year – a 50% increase on 2020 – and surpass US$ 5 billion by 2025.

The Revonic eCommerce Experience Assessment (REXA) is designed for enterprises in such competitive eCommerce spaces. Through easy-to-use information dashboards and reporting features, digital enterprises can measure the impact of their digital transformation programs on growth metrics such as conversion rates.

REXA empowers digital businesses to get a rich view of their digital strategy’s effect on the real world by measuring a range of best-practice criteria related to data, content, user experiences and technology, and comparing them against conversion rates. 

REXA presents non-trivial, actionable information about an organization’s eCommerce channels that empowers tangible improvements to operations, including efficiency, revenues, and returns on investment.

“Revonic takes a pragmatic approach to data and the actionable insights it yields,” said Adam Cukrowski, Founder and CEO, Revonic. 

“Our REXA platform will usher in a new age of optimization across the Qatari business landscape, allowing businesses to plot digital courses with confidence, and achieve measurable results,” he said. 

He said as companies continue their shared journey into the new normal, they must be mindful of the value that is added and gained from changing markets. 

“Business intelligence from detailed, real-world performance telemetry empowers informed decisions. We stand ready to support enterprises across Qatar in accelerating their digital transformation journeys with customer-centric strategies,” he said.

REXA is designed for existing eCommerce channels such as websites or apps, as well as platforms in development. The tool empowers businesses that are trying to enhance or optimize the conversion experience, including during MVP-phase projects. 

Revonic has established a strong reputation in the GCC for optimizing digital experiences.



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