‘GCC businesses must adapt to latest digital changes’

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  • Firms in the region must have a specific and clear target list. What applies to real estate won't necessarily succeed in the automotive sector, says 199X MD Khaled El Masry
  • All industries must be online with right content that can target right audience. What applies to real estate won't necessarily succeed in the automotive sector, he adds

The first rule in digital marketing is to make the right offer at the right time and at the right place, said Khaled El Masry, the Managing Director and Head of Business Development at 199X in an exclusive interview with TRENDS

“While all businesses are online nowadays, creating the right content is the key to success,” El Masry added.

The right place and time

El Masry agrees that a professional team that works in different industries has made 199X unique and attractive for GCC businesses. “Everyone wants to be online. We are an exclusive community that gives them the full digital experience,” he said.

Digital Challenges

199X Managing Director Khaled El Masry

“If we talk about digital challenges, there are many. However, currently, things are going very fast,” as El Masry mentioned. 

He explained that if we look at businesses in 2020 and 2021, and their performance before and after the pandemic, we can see how important the digital presence is. These changes, he said, are affecting businesses to adapt to the new trends on social media platforms.

“If we look back a few years ago, we know that Facebook was the top network, but now we see a high rise for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other platforms,”  El Masry said.

The most significant challenge, according to El Masry, is to keep up with the new trends and changes and provide the right content for the right audience.

“From an agency standpoint, the main challenge is to find the right niche for your audience,” El Masry said. “199x works closely with specific businesses and ensures creating the right content and design. That’s the main reason we are categorized as unique in working with the youth on creative and innovative strategies”.

Latest trends

GCC businesses must adapt to the latest digital changes and have a specific and clear target list to have an effective online presence, El Masry said.

Digital marketing in GCC, he said, is what makes brands gain money at the end of every year.

“All industries must be online with the right content that can target the right audience,” El Masry said. “Simply, what applies to real estate won’t necessarily succeed in the automotive sector.”

Future Expectations

“It is no secret that Tiktok is the latest trend in the world. Global brands are trying to ensure their presence on this platform with fun content and admirable music,” the 199X MD said. 

As for the future of GCC digital marketing, El Masry expects a massive boost in the e-commerce industry, mainly since it is easy and there are many ways to make money through it.



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