Expo 2020: Accenture enables ideal visitor interface

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Accenture helps in creation of integrated intelligent systems for Expo teams
  • Accenture delivers an integrated solution at Expo 2020 Dubai right from designing, implementing, and running the platforms that power hyper-personalized guest experience
  • Accenture supports Expo Live – an innovation and partnership program by teaming up with Smart Labour, a UAE-based Expo Live grantee helping blue-collar workers gain new skills

Accenture, the global services and consulting company, has successfully built the digital foundations,  both visible and invisible, to put the visitor at the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai. 

From designing, implementing, and running the platforms that power hyper-personalized guest experiences to giving Expo 2020 the tools to reach new audiences and tell new stories, Accenture has delivered an end-to-end and integrated solution, driving real connections.

Angelo Lorusso

“Expo 2020 engaged Accenture as a premier digital services partner because of the commendable work Accenture did on Expo Milan 2015”, Angelo Lorusso, Managing Director and Accenture’s Client Account Lead for Expo 2020 told TRENDS.

“We have been chosen to make Expo 2020 Dubai one of the smartest and most connected places on Earth. Accenture built and managed best-in-class applications and services to create something never seen before, to support an event of this scale and transform the curious Expo visitor into a delighted guest, Participant, and, ideally, co-innovator,” he added.

Intelligent Systems

To help get the Expo enterprise off the ground, Accenture created integrated intelligent systems for Expo teams, nations, vendors, and suppliers. These intelligent systems support various Expo teams from procurement and marketing to finance, HR,  participants and partners to achieve their goals using resilient, reliable, and secure applications. 

The Participant Portal, for example, was developed for Expo 2020 and is a one-stop shop for more than 190 participating countries and partners to submit their Pavilion designs, themes, and content on an interactive platform that integrates authorizations, supply chain management, and workforce licensing functions.

The company has also integrated over a dozen applications, systems, and platforms from multiple vendors to create a straightforward ticket-purchasing journey. Visitors will be able to prebook specific time slots or reserve entrance timings as part of a smart queue management system. 

In addition, users can manage their bookings, send and share tickets, participate in a referral program, and retrieve lost tickets. The intelligent, made-for-me ticketing solution can also intuitively learn visitor preferences, offering enhanced and customized products based on geolocation.

Moreover, Amal – an AI-powered Visitor Assistant developed in collaboration with Smart Dubai – will gather information on shows and attractions and provide feedback throughout the six months of the Expo. Offering services on multiple platforms, including the Expo 2020 website and the mobile app, Amal will process and analyze volumes of information to answer visitors’ questions accurately and fast. The platform is also designed to learn and automatically develop and improve offered services through natural language processing.

Accenture has also integrated and stage-managed the various components and applications behind the scenes, underpinned by its Services Delivery Platform. The SDP integrates data from more than 80 different applications, including third-party solutions and government authorities, orchestrating the digital journey for participants and visitors.

Accenture has also supported Expo Live – Expo 2020’s global innovation and partnership program by teaming up with Smart Labour, a UAE-based Expo Live grantee helping blue-collar workers gain new skills for the digital economy.

Official Mobile App

In addition to the above, Accenture has built Expo 2020’s visitor-facing digital channels, including the official mobile app, virtual assistant, and website, to enable the Expo to tell its story to millions of people worldwide.

According to Lorusso, the Expo 2020 Dubai website and the Official Expo2020 Mobile App are a window for visitors worldwide to learn about Expo 2020 and plan their visits. The company also incorporated an information hub, an interactive digital map, and a best-in-class ticketing journey designed to appeal to and engage all ages to improve the user interface and experience for optimal accessibility and tailored marketing.


Expo 2020 intends to raise awareness about the worldwide concerns that humanity faces. It is the world’s largest gathering venue, providing numerous networking opportunities and fostering international relationships.

“The Expo will catalyze economic, cultural, and social transformation, generating important legacies for Dubai and the UAE. The event will help the country connect people and new ideas with enduring benefits for future generations at home and around the world. In addition, it will create a multitude of new jobs that will contribute to the emirate’s economy and GDP growth”, Lorusso said.

Accenture has built best-in-class applications and services to create something never seen before. “With these efforts, we hope to turn the curious Expo visitor into a highly satisfied guest, participant, and, ideally, co-innovator,” he added.



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