Volkswagen suffers brand damage in Saudi Arabia

7.10.2015, 16:23 by Staff, Dubai

The fuel emission scandal that’s engulfed Volkswagen…

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Is Volkswagen’s fraud the end of large-scale corporate deception?

30.09.2015, 12:54 by Michael Schrage

Volkswagen’s brazen and bizarre “Diesel-gate” deception beggars…

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VIDEO: Mercedes – Dealer strategies to deal with lower footfalls

22.09.2015, 13:12 by Staff, Dubai

Wassim Derbi, Marketing Manager of Gargesh Enterprises,…

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Infiniti Q70 unveiled in Dubai

15.06.2015, 15:52 by Hind Mustafa, Dubai

Infiniti Middle East unveils the new 2016…

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In a tough market, Porsche gives the thrust

26.02.2015, 17:18 by Staff, Dubai

The launch of premium German sports car…

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Toyota, Hyundai have 52% Saudi auto market share

2.11.2014, 21:09 by Staff, Dubai

Saudi Arabia’s auto market had a record…

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Cadillac’s CTS boosts sales in UAE

28.04.2014, 10:37 by Staff, Dubai

UAE customers seeking luxury are turning to…

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Sales of Porsche 911 series set to accelerate

14.04.2014, 19:01 by Atique Naqvi, Bari, Italy

Porsche is accelerating toward a record of…

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Audi plans massive €22bn investment

5.01.2014, 11:04 by Staff, Dubai

Audi has launched an extensive investment program…

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Audi Middle East ahead in the race

16.11.2013, 21:42 by Staff, Dubai

Steady wins the race. German premium brand…

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