What are the top priorities for CEOs this year?

27.04.2017, 13:01 by Staff

Growth is the number one business priority…

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New roles, new realities

14.03.2017, 10:51 by Staff

The Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation…

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Enter: CEOs from outside the firm

9.11.2016, 1:13 by Per-Ola Karlsson, Dubai

More corporations changed their chief executive officer…

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GCC CEOs face numerous challenges

13.03.2016, 15:22

As the combined market capitalization of GCC…

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When CEO narcissism spreads to the board

30.12.2015, 12:28 by Guoli Chen

The push for great corporate governance has…

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Fake CEO asks office to pay AED300,000

15.12.2015, 10:25 by Atique Naqvi and Hind Mustafa, Dubai

Slightly more than two weeks ago, when…

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Giving clear and actionable feedback

10.08.2015, 16:01 by Marshall Goldsmith

Robert was the head of an East…

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Digital tools to make your next meeting more productive

12.07.2015, 15:19 by Alexandra Samuel

This spring, I wrote about how the…

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How the Navy SEALs train for leadership excellence

7.06.2015, 11:47 by Michael Schrage

Almost every world-class organization takes training and…

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Five questions with Daimler’s regional top boss

25.03.2015, 12:05 by Bassema Demaskhia, Dubai

TRENDS goes on a quick spin with…

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