Burgeoning infrastructure investment in ME to evoke action against productivity losses

18.07.2017, 14:00 by Staff

With the Middle East and North Africa’s…

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Middle East infrastructure spend tops $280 billion by 2018

5.07.2017, 15:46 by Staff

With the Middle East and North Africa’s…

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Saudi cuts spending, raises fuel prices: Key numbers at a glance

29.12.2015, 15:27 by Staff, Dubai

Reeling under a prolonged spell of low…

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Connecting Jordan: Q&A with Minister of Transport, Jordan

11.10.2015, 14:31 by Nikhil Inamdar, Dubai

Lina Shbeeb, Minister of Transport of the…

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Abu Dhabi to witness sharpest fall in government spending

8.10.2015, 15:18 by Staff, Dubai

Despite falling oil revenues, government spending is…

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GCC rail project on track for completion by 2018

6.10.2015, 14:22 by Nikhil Inamdar, Dubai

Analysts at the Rail & Metro Summit…

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The US Fed and the GCC

22.09.2015, 15:06 by Staff, Dubai

The US Federal Reserve kept rates on…

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Oil squeeze could derail GCC infrastructure plans, increase refinancing risks

22.09.2015, 12:47 by Staff, Dubai

GCC corporations have finally begun feeling the…

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Turkey’s $350bn infrastructure opportunity

25.06.2015, 12:12 by Staff, Dubai

Turkey’s booming economy has thrown up $350…

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Middle East cities rank low on sustainability index

9.02.2015, 17:25 by Staff, Dubai

Across the world, cities are failing to…

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