Making quick strides when it comes to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

18.05.2017, 13:08 by Mike Weston

Skills have become the global currency of…

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IDC study: 45% of global firms to get digital-ready networks

28.02.2017, 12:07

Today, businesses demand a lot from their…

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How to build Cloud capabilities

15.08.2016, 17:11 by Samer Bohsali & Sevag Papazian, Dubai

Cloud computing is becoming the main means…

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Fake CEO asks office to pay AED300,000

15.12.2015, 10:25 by Atique Naqvi and Hind Mustafa, Dubai

Slightly more than two weeks ago, when…

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Who are Apple’s new competitors?

9.09.2015, 10:03 by Henrich R. Greve

The Apple-Cisco partnership promises to transform the…

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Global IT spending to decline 5.5 percent from 2014

21.07.2015, 15:05 by Staff, Dubai

Worldwide IT spending will total $3.5 trillion…

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IT services to grow 15.5% in UAE this year

23.10.2014, 17:06 by Staff, Dubai

The UAE IT services market is set…

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Middle East oil industry under threat from cyber criminals

14.09.2014, 15:40 by Lucas Zaichkowsky

The energy industry is among the largest…

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Is Moore’s Law less important to the tech industry?

27.07.2014, 12:59 by Quentin Hardy, New York

In an era of cloud computing, people…

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Middle East IT networks: Four reasons to end the status quo

6.07.2014, 13:21 by Yarob Sakhnini

With virtualization already taking hold across much…

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