Taxes to impact Mena businesses

19.03.2016, 1:28 by Staff, Dubai

Since the announcement of the introduction of…

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Dubai passes an expansionary budget

28.12.2015, 11:27 by Staff, Dubai

Despite a slowing economy, Dubai has passed…

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Oil, taxes, regional conflict and China worry GCC investors in 2016

14.12.2015, 11:01 by Staff, Dubai

Senior finance and investment professionals from the…

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Average length of expat stay in the GCC exceeeds 10 years

15.09.2015, 14:54 by Staff, Dubai

The average length of an expat’s stay…

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UAE economy: The macro picture

11.08.2015, 12:52 by Staff, Dubai

The international monetary fund (IMF) released a…

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Using tax havens secretly is bad for shareholders

9.07.2015, 15:02 by Morten Bennedsen

Tax havens are used for more than…

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Exclusive: Is there a new 10 percent tax in Dubai?

2.07.2015, 16:25 by Atique Naqvi & Bassema Demashkia, Dubai

Don’t be surprised if your purchase bill…

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Global tax issues to impact GCC businesses

7.06.2015, 17:27 by Staff, Dubai

A group of tax experts were hosted…

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Potential tax challenges for SMEs going global

1.10.2014, 11:29 by Sidra Tariq, Dubai

With the UAE being a relatively tax-free…

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Tax-friendly MENA policies boost businesses

25.03.2014, 11:53 by Staff, Dubai

Tax authorities across Middle East and North…

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