Half of adults in Saudi Arabia, UAE seek energy-efficient, futuristic internet

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  • 94 percent of adults each in both countries considering doing more activities virtually to reduce carbon footprint

  • Over a third of those surveyed say they will work remotely in some form after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

More than half of the adults in the UAE (54 percent) and Saudi Arabia (57 percent) believe the future of the internet will be driven by our desire to become more energy efficient, says research by networking systems, services and software company, Ciena.

An overwhelming majority (94 percent in each of the two countries) is considering doing more activities virtually to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Among the new initiatives, working remotely is the most popular— 52 percent in the KSA and 42 percent in the UAE. 

When it comes to other categories like healthcare appointments or attending meetings or conferences virtually, these countries score over the global average, the research said.

New technologies, including IoT and 5G, have the potential to increase energy efficiency and the research shows the two GCC countries are ready to embrace more connected devices. 

While IoT and smart devices are contributing to a cleaner and greener planet, more than 90 percent of respondents in the KSA and the UAE see the benefits they are set to bring, with convenience and easier lifestyle, and improved efficiency cited amongst the top.

Energy-efficient networks

A need for more energy-efficient networks is borne by the fact that 5G could result in a two- to three-fold increase in energy consumption. This is big considering the growing number of people already using smart home systems and consumption control devices (46% in the KSA and 40% in the UAE).

5G Expectations 

To gain better network performance and speed, three-fourths of adults in both countries confirmed they are planning to upgrade their internet within the next 24 months. In fact, a whopping 85% in the KSA and 74% in the UAE believe they will have better access to the internet when 5G is widely available. 

Home has become the Office and School Center 

Over a third of those surveyed say they will work remotely in some form after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, and 41% in KSA and 35% in the UAE feel improved efficiency will be one of the key benefits to derive from connected devices. 

Device preference and staying in touch with loved ones 

The need for constant connectivity is reflected in the way we are using the internet, with mobile phones handily outranking laptops and desktops as the most-used device, as cited by 61% of respondents in the KSA and 51% in the UAE.

Respondents also state that the most valuable part of the internet is that it keeps them connected with friends and family (through social media, virtual calls etc.) (34%)), followed by 24/7 access to information (nearly 30%).