Gold under pressure as equities and yields rally

5.07.2017, 15:57 by Hussein Al Sayed

Equity investors have entered the third quarter…

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Fed move, a test for global stocks

17.12.2015, 10:01 by Peter Eavis, New York

The extraordinarily low interest rates of the…

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UAE most attractive MENA market: BofAML

19.11.2015, 15:42 by Staff, Dubai

The UAE is the most preferred MENA…

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Crude prices affect IPO activity in 2015

1.09.2015, 15:45 by Staff, Dubai

Oil price volatility has poured cold water…

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GCC investors must follow Buffett and his mentor, Graham

8.07.2015, 16:55 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

In the wake of low oil prices,…

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Saudi equity market opens to foreigners: all you need to know

16.06.2015, 16:21 by Staff, Dubai

Saudi Arabia’s $570 billion stock market opened…

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GCC private wealth doubles since 2010

17.02.2015, 14:26 by Staff, Dubai

The Gulf’s wealthy have doubled their private…

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Mideast & Africa miss 2014’s global M&A rush

8.01.2015, 18:08 by Staff, Dubai

In a year when global M&A activity…

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$250 billion raised in global IPOs in 2014

5.01.2015, 8:47 by Michael J. De La Merced, United States

After months of hype and breathless anticipation,…

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Alibaba and the fate of IPOs

23.11.2014, 11:03 by Atique Naqvi, Dubai

The Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba was by…

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