The importance of a work-life balance

To avoid falling into the trap of becoming a modern-day robot, try to give yourself different goals

Many of us have joked about the quip ‘happy wife, happy life’, but truly there is no better balance than one of a happy home and a healthy professional environment. With today’s constant connectivity and its endless stream of notifications, it is no surprise that the office-in-our-pocket can cause us to fall off-kilter. Perhaps we should be practising the art of ‘mindful living’ to attain our full potential…

In today’s climate, the need to be ‘available’ for clients or colleagues at all times has created a situation analogous to a light that can never be switched off. No longer can you clock off at five-thirty and head home for an undisturbed evening far removed from your green 1980s computer screen, oh no, for now we are living in an age in which we can be tracked, chatted to and lured into working, even while we are in pyjamas tucked up in bed.

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So, would a button that turns it all off be good for us? Well, the answer is yes. Like most things in life, it’s all about moderation. Are the lines between office-time and me-time becoming blurred? Have they completely amalgamated into one perhaps? If so, then it’s time to take a step back, assess what makes you happy and what hobbies you have. If you don’t make some time for yourself, in which to read a book, take a walk, socialize, see family or learn a new skill, then you are not giving attention to your number one priority, which is you.

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To avoid falling into the trap of becoming a modern-day robot (a human working like a machine), try to give yourself different goals for the evening and weekend, plans that are unrelated to work. Building a life outside your professional engagements will give you more positivity, productivity and self-empowerment. We can assure you that happiness and fulfilment come from within. These positive emotions will not hinder your professional endeavors: on the contrary, they will fuel them even further, whilst keeping your health and heart contented.